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Physical Goal

School Project

Mihai Raad

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Physical Goal

My Physical Goal Project
My Not-so-Good Habits
Some of my not-so-good habits are, playing video games endlessly, doing nothing and just sitting on Facebook, eating a lot of junk food when I don't really need too, Watching TV, etc. They are not good for you but they seem really fun!
How I Can Reach My Goal
The BEST three things I could do to reach my goal would be,
-1: Training a lot (watching games could include because I would get a better idea of the rules and how its played).

-2: Eat much healthier since I need a lot of energy because of all the jumping and running. It would give me a boost of some sort.

-3: Do a lot of Cardio workout since I need to keep myself up and going for the duration of the match (Cardio is basically doing a lot of jumping jacks, squats, running a lot, etc.).

That's what I could do to help me achieve my goal!
How I Will Celebrate My Success:
If I ever achieve my goal I would probably try to do freestyle Basketball with team mates. It would look really cool and I think that it will make me see if I achieved my goal or not. Freestyle is probably one of the awesomest things I've ever seen!
My Good Habits
Some of my good habits are, playing with my smaller sister (ex: sports, lego). I also went to the country club to take Basketball lessons and they really help, I also like sports in general such as running, swimming, etc.
My Personal Physical Goal
I only have one goal to achieve in a year or so. What I'd like to achieve to be a better player at Basketball. Basketball is one of my favorite sports (since I started playing it), but I don't feel that I'm really good at it.
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