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the odyssey: the land of the dead

partners: Ian & Abbie

Bailey Ottley

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of the odyssey: the land of the dead

The Land of the dead By: Abbie Ian and Bailey Story Elements Main conflicts Odysseus's Motivation Lessons and Themes Story Summary Circe of Aeaea The land of the Dead Who is Tiresias Backround Odysseus lands on the island of Aeaea and meets the witch that lives on the island. As Odysseus approached, Hermes comes and gives protection to Odysseus. The witch, Circe, then transforms all of Odysseus's crew into pigs. But due to his protection, Odysseus, attacks Circe and threatens her into changing his crew back. Odysseus then lives with Circe for a year until she magically releases Odysseus and his crew with a new knowledge, to visit the land of the dead and seek the prophet Tiresias Tiresias is a blind prophet who died before Odysseus's time. Known for his prophetic power, Circe sends Odysseus to find Tiresias to foresee his journey home. The land of the dead is a dark place where spirits dwell after they have departed from their bodies. It is ruled by Hades, The god of the Dead. When people needed to talk to spirits, they needed to make a blood sacrifice. After his encounter with Circe, Odysseus follows her commands and travels to the land of the dead to ask the dead prophet Tiresias to foresee his trip home. As Odysseus made the blood sacrifice, spirits began to swarm the sacrifice and Odysseus had to keep them at bay. He then views the spirits of dead friends and family and eventually speaks to Tiresias who reveals an adventure of danger and suspense before reaching his destination. Tiresias also reveals suitors trying to seek Penelope's hand in marriage. Self vs Self: Odysseus sees the souls of loved ones in the land of the dead and has to reject them instead of going to them.
Self vs Environment: The storm of Aeolus taking them into the middle of nowhere
Character vs Character: Odysseus's men against the witch Circe. His family and wife showing his loyal qualities One should remember and honor the dead.

Nothing comes without a price. Aeolus the god of the wind Odysseus visits the god of the wind Aeolus, asking him for good wind to bring him home. Aeolus knowing of the gods anger instead tricks Odysseus by giving him a sack of winds to only open when he needs to get home. When Odysseus opens the bag, he ends up on Circe's island. Significant Passages: Passage 615 : In this passage, Odysseus's softer side is shown when he is overcome with emotions upon the sight of his now deceased mother, as well as a fallen comrade(Elpenor). Odysseus also shows his loyalty to his family by refusing to get distracted by his past. Odysseus's Prophecy When Odysseus irritates and blinds the cyclops, he is given a curse. When speaking with Tiresias Odysseus is given a prophecy foreseeing turmoil in his house. Also foreseeing him going into the desert in order to make a sacrifice to Poseidon in order to apologize for blinding his son. He is told of living a long life and dying at sea.
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