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Unit 4 09_Drawing in SketchUp


Jonathan Rothman

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 4 09_Drawing in SketchUp

Unit 4: Design Process
Surface Modeling

Today's classwork:
1. Take notes on SketchUp tools presentations on your SketchUp Tools & Tips sheet.
2. Complete the first 4 minutes of Getting Started with SketchUp Part 3. Save your work in your 3D Modeling folder as <Name>_<Name>_Getting Started 3_r1_vA

Learning Objective
: YWBAT use inferencing to create elements with identical dimensions.

Essential Question
: What characteristics of good design does inferencing serve?
Different Computers!
Computer guidelines:
1. Laptops - pick up one at a time. Carry with two hands.
2. Absolutely no food or beverages - if we see it, you'll be asked to throw it away.
3. Any disrespectful or improper use of the technology will result in the confiscation of the technology and a zero on the assignment.
Computer Guidelines & Policies
1. Complete the first 4 minutes of Getting Started Part 3. Go to model.nychscl.org and select today's date from the Assignments & Daily Agenda tab.
2. Under today's date, you will see the tutorial called "Getting Started with SketchUp Part 3".
3. Set up your computer for split screen use - watch the tutorial as you create/design the room that the tutorial teaches you to design.
4. Keep track of the tools you learn on your SketchUp Tools sheet.
5. Save your file as:
<Name>_<Name> Getting Started 3_r1_vA

6. We'll pick up the other half tomorrow.
Welcome back!
Do Now:
Think way back! To before break!

1. How does the Follow Me tool know what to follow?

2. Apply: What would you have to do differently to get the Follow Me tool to change the design from what we see in A to the one seen in B? In C? In D?

Getting Started With SketchUp
Tutorial 3
Tools Presentations

3rd. Period
1. Jeniffer Lobo
2. Jason Simmons
3. Shemar Bailey

4th. Period
1. Gensis Camacho
2. Nafisa Mahamud
3. Serena Hylton

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