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New Cold War

No description

Catherine Peng

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of New Cold War

Meg McGuinness
Catherine Peng
Nikitha Reddy "The New Cold War" Middle East Syria and the arms trade
-U.S. sides with the rebels
-Showed interest for a democratic leader in Syria
-Russia sides with Bashar al-Assad's regime
-Providing Bashar al-Assad's regime with weapons
Iran and Israel
- U.S. sides with Israel in the Middle East
-Russia sides with Iran
*U.S. and Russia are on opposing sides in the Middle East Russia Spies:
Recently (Late May)- U.S. embassy employee accused of spying in Moscow, forced to
leave country & accused of working with the CIA
2010 Russian Spy Ring- FBI investigation culminated in arrest of 10 people (11 people
accused of being spies)
Documents described "Illegals Program"
Unclear as to what information spies managed to collect

NATO Expansion: Russian Paranoia
Military: "33 trillion ruble overall rearmament of the Russian military by 202. That's
about $800 billion" (TIME)
-Russian nuclear weapons complex can produce 2000+ nuclear weapons per year
-Active Submarine/intercontinental ballistic missiles programs (US has not had an ICBM/SLBM team operation since about 1990)

December 2012 Russian adoption ban: Spitefulness/Pride?
-Retaliation U.S. criticism of Russian human rights record (Magnitsky Act) Significance -Cold War was dormant for several decades - "erupting" again
-It is now more global- involves more nations
-One misstep can lead to "hot-war" (war with weapons)
-"New Cold War" affects even daily affairs
- i.e Russian adoption ban Does the Cold War
still exist today? Asia China:
-targeted U.S. government computers
-pentagon's annual report directly links these attacks to the Beijing government
-hacked information "that could potentially be used to benefit China's defense industry, high technology industries... and military planners" (According to the U.S. Department of Defense).
-"lack of transparency" in China's military modernization and defense spending -nuclear testing
-propaganda films reinforce nationalistic and uniform views
(show signs of military aggression)
-constant threats (nuclear warfare) North Korea:
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