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A Look Into the South East of Rogers Park

No description

Olga Gonzalez

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of A Look Into the South East of Rogers Park

57.63% people in Cook county affiliated with a religious congregation
majority Catholic church-- 69.3%
11.1% other denominations

High school diploma or higher: 81.8%
Bachelor’s degree or higher: 40.4%

Education Data from Metropulse Chicago, Religion data from City-Data
Olga Gonzalez Latapi / MEDILL
Who are they?
"It is about people" -
Vinka Buljubasse, 50.
Events in Rogers Park
According to the 2008-2012 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates

Median household income: $38,056
Median earnings of people 16 and over were $25,921
Income $100,000 or over: 7.5%

High School grad: $21,959
College grad bachelors: $40,075
Grad or professional degree: $54,277
Origami Yoda After-School Club.
Family Story Time.
Northside Bar Trivia Thursday.
Jazz City Concert at Loyola.
Puppet shows at the park.
Cards and Game Nights.
Garden Fair at Loyola Park Fieldhouse.
Storytelling - American Cancer Society.
Come Drum & Chant to the Rhythms.
Egg Hunt.
Reedhima Mandlik
Olga Gonzalez Latapi
Lizet Alba
The Rogers Park Population
What does this mean?
We learned that many Rogers Park residents think that the changes that have occurred are positive
The residents appreciate the diversity and the community feeling of the neighborhood
Arts / festivals.
Improvements on public areas.
Cleaning up.
A Look Into the South East of Rogers Park

Females: 49.6 %
median age: 32.6%
majority are between 16 and 62 years of age

Males: 50.4%
median age: 33.6 years
Majority are 16 and over

Median household income: $38,056
2578 people or 6% are unemployed
Median earnings of people 16 and over were $25,921

21,819 whites (39%)
14,280 hispanic (25.5%)
15,662 blacks (28%)
3876 asians (6.9%)
other 322 (.6%)

Specific Schools
Income Levels
Photo by Reedhima Mandlik/ Medill News
Management, business, science, and arts occupations: 11,234 40.8%
Service Occupations: 6,774 24.6%
Sales and Office Occupations 5,679 20.6%
27.9 % work in Educational services, health care, and social assistance
16.3% work in food services, arts, entertainment, and recreation
13.5% work in professional, scientific, and management, administrative and waste management services
8.0% retail trade

The Rogers Park Household
Improvements in Rogers Park
From the Alderman's office:

More Room to Learn
Neighborhood Improvements
Power to the People
Participatory Budgeting
Environmental. Sustainable. Marketable.
A Ward for All
A Leading Voice
Local Action, National Vision

Concern for Crime

Kilmer Elementary School
Majority Hispanic students (59.8%) and Black (24%)
94.6% low income, 47.9% limited English proficiency
chronic truancy rate is 29.3% but attendance is 93.6%

Gale Elementary Community Academy
Majority black: 61.8%, hispanic: 27.6%, asian 4.2% , white 3.2%
96.2% low income, 24.7% limited English proficiency
Chronic truancy rate: 50.7%
91.2% attendance rate

Fig. 1
Specific school Data from Illinois State Board of Education.

Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA)
Business, community, economy.
Board of Directors.
Morse Avenue / Howard Street / Western Avenue / Sheridan Road.
Celebrate Clark Street Festival, Harvest Fest, Rogers Park Dinner Crawl, Glenwood Sunday Market.
Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest, Artists of the Wall, and various children’s events.
According to the 2008-2012 American Community Survey Estimates, the population of Rogers Park is

Photo by Lizet Alba/MEDILL
Part VI - Sources contact info.

Lizet Alba interview subjects:
Joni Pohutsky, 21, Student, Rogers Park, jpohetsky@luc.edu
Christian Gray, 26, Manager at movie theatre, Rogers Park, christian.gray@hotmail.com.
Berta Bucio, 53, Laundromat, Rogers Park, (773) 274-6676.
Ashley Crowe, 19, Student, Rogers Park, acrowe@luc.edu.
Mark Beane, 49, Realtor, Rogers Park, beanephoto@comcast.net

Olga Gonzalez interview subjects:
John Rivera, 56, Building Manager, Rogers Park (773)817-4773
Michael Bebbas, 65, Parking Valet, Rosemont, (773)742-4433
Jenna Valenti, 22, Student, Rogers Park, jvalenti@luc.edu.
Heather Afriyie, 19, Student, Rogers Park, h.afriyie@luc.edu.
Jorge Miranda, 57, Rogers Park, Factory worker in Skokie, (773) 262-2674.

Reedhima Mandlik Interview Subjects
Jessica Julius, 21, Student, Rogers Park, jjulius@luc.edu.
Marisela Miranda, 20, Student, Rogers Park, (773) 262-2676.
Vinka Buljubasse, 50, Housekeeper, Rogers Park, (773) 629-0661.
David Leyva, 47, Rogers Park, Starbucks Barista, sarzelyr@spcglobal.net.
Alexis O’Connor, 19, Student, Rogers Park, (847) 571-6533 aoconnor4@luc.edu.

From the Alderman's office:
More Room to Learn
Neighborhood Improvements
Power to the People
Participatory Budgeting
Environmental. Sustainable. Marketable.
A Ward for All
A Leading Voice
Local Action, National Vision

"We all want to be safe,” John Rivera, 56.
Security cameras.
Train tracks.
Businesses: Theatre.
From our interviews:
Where do people get their news?

Chicago Sun-Times.

Sources Cited
Research Division
Lizet Alba- Population, Income, and Jobs

Olga Gonzalez - Lifestyle (psychographics), Government/civic entities, Local businesses.

Reedhima Mandlik - Racial, ethnic and religious diversity, Education levels

The presentation was done between the three.
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Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5
Fig 6
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