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Rahshard Morgan

Leadership Principals

Aileen Palmer

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Rahshard Morgan

Correlations and Comparisons
to the Leadership Principles of
George C Marshall The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. – Vincent Lombardi

Promote Athletic Community Service through Volunteer Hours.
Invite Staff to events: Banquets, Award Presentations, Professional Development Seminars.
Provide Staff with givebacks.
Offer free tickets through positive programs.
Give students special seating at all games. Principle of Inclusiveness Competent Coaching Staff:
Not just about X’s and O’s.
Can you relate to our student population?
Do you have a consistency of action, expectations and outcome.
Are you offensive minded?
Do you embrace change?
Are you resilient?
Are you a competitor? The Principle of Recognizing Talent Consistency of Action:
Continue my professional development in athletic administration and insist the same from our coaches and support staff.
Prepare a budget that is firm, fair and meets the expectations of the principal and school board.
Consistency of Expectations:
To be recognized as the top athletic program nationally (Academically & Athletically).
Consistency of Outcome:
Better Program
Better Team
Better Student/Athlete The Principle of Integrity The Leadership Principles
Rahshard Morgan Require all coaches to attend at least one professional development clinic per year and share findings with other coaches.

Implement a proper budget for the year, improving the overall bottom line and continuing to produce a fully functional program.

Institute a mandatory study hall class for Junior/Senior athletes under a 2.5 GPA!
Provide second semester freshman and sophomores with credit recovery opportunity. Principle of Action Mental Toughness:
It is not what happens to you but how you respond to what happens to you.
Blue collar attitude:
Work ethic, is defined by three words:
whatever it takes.
Persistent, consistent and a finisher.
Set Goals
No Excuses The Principle of Courage Provide Coaches with opportunities to reeducate themselves on proper drills, schemes, and leadership essentials. Properly Equipping Coaches/Athletes with the necessary tools in order to be successful. Principle of Employee
Task Centered Organization Leadership Action Recognize
Talent Inclusive Task Centered Integrity Courage Rahshard Morgan Leadership
For future information
contact me at rahshardmorgan@gmail.com
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