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Group Four & One

No description

Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Merchan

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Group Four & One

Status Update
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Check out our organizational structure!

Also our updated Strategy & SWOT!
Jordan Peabody
Maria F. Rodriguez M.
Melissa Downes
Raymond Banzon
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We will provide women with the gear they need to pursue their interests in the outdoor sporting community of Fredericksburg.

We believe that by making our pro shop specific to women we will:
Increase the interest and knowledge of outdoor activities
Meet the needs of women in the current community better than the competition

The Sky is the limit...!
Mission Statement
"To provide and inspire women to conquer the outdoors."
Our pro shop is the first women’s only outdoor sports pro shop in the
Fredericksburg area
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Group Four & One
Non financial
To provide the women with the outdoor gear & accessories
To become a central location for the women’s outdoors sporting community
To continue to build interest and awareness for the outdoor sporting lifestyle
To become the top women’s only outdoors pro shop in the DC area within 5 years

To become a profitable outdoor sporting retail location for women after 3 years
To meet and sustain a 20% profit margin after 5 years

Implementation Plan!

The North Face
“Mad Woman”-Wild Women’s person brand - Gildan

The North Face
“Mad Woman”
Under Armour

Hunting Clothes
Under Armour
“Mad Woman”
Hunting accessories

Ugly Stik

Core Competency &
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Core Competency

Uniqueness of being a “women’s only” outdoors sporting pro shop
Offering specific products and services needed by the women’s outdoor sporting community

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We will work closely with the women’s population to better understand their specific needs
Build awareness in the community

Market Focus
Current markets will be grown by advertising.
New markets by year 3 will grow to surrounding areas.

Target Customers:
(Athletic Women)

Point of difference:
Female dominant:
Majority of store will be Women's section
More lady friendly products from beginners to pros

Marketing Program
Product Strategy:
Line- women’s (young children) clothing
Equipment (e.g. guns, fishing, camping, shooting equipment.)
Quality- name brands, mostly trusted and recognized.

Price Strategy:
Same if not lower than other stores. (Gander Mountain, Bass Pro)
Promotion- real day-to-day outdoor women loving our section bond less.
In store rental
Real Women, Not Actors
Bundles- Buy a firearm, get 10% off accessories.
Coupons in emails after signing up through social networks / previous shopping experiences.
Signing up with reward cards and credit cards to bring in more consumers.
Place- visible from the road, freestanding store: two levels, real life outdoors, indoors.

Mad Woman Clothing Line

Special Events
Emails, Coupons, Birthday Discounts
Online Marketing - Social Media
Wild Card



Sign in with your Wild Card to check payments, points, and up incoming sales.
Postings of special events.
Contact information
A link for Comments, suggestion and other information.
Links to social media
Ability to order online

Online Ordering System
www.wildwomen.com connects to our inventory system in the store
allows customers to know what is available in store
free shipping over $50


Have a ordering system to where the managers don't have to complete orders every week to month,
the inventory system will keep track and send it off to the manufactures and to JBHunt to collect new or more products

There will be a system where we can order certain products that we have not received in a while and products that are selling off the shelf.


Monthly sales target in product for each metropolitan area (inventory & surveys)

Actual product sales will be with these targets and tactical marketing programs modified to reflect the unique sets of factors in each metropolitan area.

Target Market

Active women between the ages of 18 and 50 in the Fredericksburg area.

Women involved in the outdoor sporting community of the surrounding areas.

Women with individual income of at least $35,000 per year.

Large Retail Stores
Gander Mountain
Dicks Sporting Goods
Sports Authority
Bass Pro Shops

Online Retailers
Online Retailers
4 young professionals who are active in the outdoor sprting community

Experience working in this specific retail market

Team comprised mostly for women who have a better understanding about the target market
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