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James Tuckerman

on 29 October 2012

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"There is no way business owners will want to use the internet to gather information." James Tuckerman Lubricate your mind... ? Imagination is 'largely' determined by experience Benefits of being a Luddite: 1. You think like the layman 2. Bring an outside perspective Desert Island 42nd Moon of Jupiter Which is why Cochlear only produces hearing products “The average young person today in a country with a strong gamer culture will have spent 10,000 hours playing online games, by the age of 21. For children in the United States 10,080 hours is the exact amount of time you will spend in school from fifth grade to high school graduation if you have perfect attendance.” Jane McGonigal, TED (2010) GLOBAL REACTION A:
Are we really happier working hard than relaxing if the work is structured right? GLOBAL REACTION B:
If this is true (and it is), how can we use game play mechanics for non-game applications? ACHIEVEMENT
UNLOCKED! GAMIFICATION "Your journey will take you through a mythical landscape of forests, temples and an environment that adjusts itself based on how you feel. Destiny, through the magic of your mind, will be yours to command!" "Experience the fantasy of having supernatural powers and controlling the world with your mind." Spirit Mountain MIND READING TECHNOLOGY September 2010 Imagine... Photo galleries that can select images to reflect how you feel.
iTunes that can select music to reflect how you feel. FREAKY! October 2008 May 2007 August 2010 ONLY
US$295! Imagine... Smart homes that can know whether you want the lights on or off
Smart homes that know whether the room is too hot or cold (for you)
Smart homes that know if you want the blinds open or closed Smart physical spaces that can be used to change (ie. manipulate) the way you feel. (IKEA just got a whole lot more frightening!) Imagine... 2009 The final piece of the puzzle... EMOTION! TOP 50 BUSINESS & FINANCE SITES IN AUSTRALIA September 2003 My son says we need to be...
'On The Twitter!' What do we all want from social media? Many things can already do all this... But social media does one thing particularly well. Social media empowers your students to share your message for you. And that's what should get your head spinning. SHARING FOR SHARED GAIN "SHARABLE" SOCIAL MEDIA vs Businesses sharing information with customers Customers sharing information with other customers Management sharing information with staff Staff sharing information with management Customers sharing information with businesses EXHIBIT B:
The Khan Academy Why is your favourite Masterchef rich and famous? EXHIBIT C: Now that I've widened your experience, it's time to use your imagination... First used to pilot a military UAV (Unarmed Aerial Vehicle) Or... How to build a global empire in your underpants. (and why the greatest lesson in life is to never stop learning... from others.) Imagine... Knowing whether your students are engaged
Knowing how keen your 'customers' are to buy (desire)
Knowing whether or not they like you! The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organisation created in 2006, by Salman Khan, with the stated mission of "providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere". 2,300 micro lectures stored on YouTube.
Mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and economics.
One million students per month.
Viewed over 41 million times. 41 million: That's the number of views they would receive if every student in the US viewed one video once. What's so cool about this? 3. You bring a COMMERCIAL view Knowledge is power THREE TRENDS SECOND TREND THIRD TREND It was created by just one guy... by accident. So, what, therefore, is your end goal? Own the eyeballs! Who wants to play a game? That's me! An awkward admission Involvement begets commitment Your students (and prospective students) sharing you with their friends, customers, employers, staff... with THEIR networks. But where's the production quality? (Where's the credit?) Why? Because the money's in the database. ASCENSION MODEL (101) M.O.O.C.s EXHIBIT A Udacity Artificial Intelligence 160,000 Where's the revenue model?
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