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By Annie, Sherry, Zain, Josh, and Sahad

Annie Wu

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The KKK

KKK The The Ku Klux Klan is a large group of people in Unites States known for advocating white supremacy. History: History: The KKK was found in the year 1865 by six college students in Pulaski, Tennessee . This KKK group was the first KKK clan that was created. The initial actions taken by the KKK’s first group members were unintentionally causing fear amongst people especially amongst the slaves. They took advantage of this effect, and their group began to grow. Most of their acts were acts of vigilantes as they targeted and killed both white and black republicans. As different factions of the KKK were formed in various cities, they all decided to come together for a meeting in April 1867 to codify the rules and the organizational structure of the KKK. During this meeting, the leader was selected. He was a former confederate general named Nathan Bedford Forrest. Women of the KKK: The klan's women tried to take a more passive approach as opposed to the men. They sought out ways to make the organization look more attractive to people in order to persuade them to join. The also took a passive aggressive approach in politics to make an impact on society. The women remained on the side of the law, however they caused much disturbance with their activities. In the 1920s, The KKK came up with a department especially for woman. They did jobs such as participating in rallies, parades and boycott (of people like Jews and Catholics because the KKK was strictly Protestant. They also promoted abstaining from liquor as a part of their boycott. In schools they pressured to get rid of catholic teachers because they went against the protestant code. As a result, Texas banned hiring catholic teachers in schools. The WKKK was also crucial for organizing events in order to sustain the KKK internally. When financial help was needed, they would hold charity events to help support. They would give food baskets, milk, and also raise money for Protestant churches and hospitals. They did these deeds publicly as to attract more followers. Costume
and Symbols: The costume is the most distinguishing and recognized factor of the KKK. It is also known as the ”glory suit” and is made up of a floor length white robe and a white hat/face mask with a sharp point and eye holes. There are several reasons why they wear white robes, some say it symbolizes that they are white supremacists and others say it is to dress up as the ghosts of confederate soldiers, (these people are heroes of the southerners). The white of their robes shows the white race thus representing the racism of the organization. The KKK’s pointed hood signifies a medieval executioner. Overall, their costume is very close in design to the Spanish Inquisitors. Apparently, their costume was also taken from Catholicism and the novels of Sir Walter Scott. The costume is though to be very intimidating. Their logo is made up of a white cross on a red circle. In the center is a drop of blood which they say symbolizes the blood of Christ. A symbol is the number sequence 33/5. 33 shows 3*11=33, this is the placing of K in the alphabet. 5 is used to signify the fifth generation of the KKK. 33/5 is sometimes tattooed on members of organization related to the KKK. Another interesting fact is that it is title of a book by Robert Miles. In the early 1920s, it expanded into Canada, with three Klan organizers from Indiana coming to Saskatchewan in 1927 to sell memberships to fund its activities. But unlike in the U.S., where the Klan was known for railing against African-Americans and Jews, the group took aim at Catholics in the province, particularly those of Eastern European and French ancestry The leader of the KKK is called either the Grand Wizard or the Imperial Wizard, depending on the organization. Today, there are over 150 KKK groups and over 5000 members across the nation. David Wayne Hull is the leader of the “White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” which is considered the most violent Klan in history. Thomas Robb is the national leader of the “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” Current Leaders: Ku Klux Klan-Extremism
and Prejudicial Acts The Ku Klux Klan was composed of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and only this particular group of people could join. Namely known as a quite pious group to the clan's beliefs, and even dubbed a terrorist group, the clan preached beliefs of anti-semitism, anti-immigration, white supremacy, aryan superiority, and anti-catholocism. Preaching was not, however, the limit; the white hooded terrorist group also imposed their beliefs on people from verbally preaching to events of extremism. Accounts have been recorded in the southern parts of the United States of the burning of churches that african-americans attended and Catholic churches. As the clan gained members more heinous and horrific acts of extremism began, such as the molestation, castration, hanging, and stealing from african-americans mainly, but also other immigrants and people associating with these minorities. Southwestern americans were the main targets as the poorest minority communities inhabited these regions, and also the Ku Klux Klan had been able to acquire members that had judicial power and law enforcement authority in those regions. The atrocities now could be committed easier with no consequences. To combat this immigrants the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People startes asking for legislation to be implemented, yet sadly in the 1920's this was not met with any immediate action. Later however as governmental powers began to see the KKK acting out against the government also, legislation was established against the mistreating of minorities and KKK meetings. This helped a stimulus for minorities to begin to flourish and integrate with society as also americans of european descent began aceepting these minorities into society. Bibliography: "Hate Symbols: Ku Klux Klan (KKK)." ADL, 2005. Web. 06 Feb. 2013.
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