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Will and Sebastian's Prezi

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lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Will and Sebastian's Prezi

Will Shea and Sebastian Pardo
Medal of Honor
Lucian Adams was a Staff Sergeant in the army during World War II. He helped his fellow soldiers by going through a forest filled with german soldiers to fix a supply line for another battalion, even though it was very risky and he could have died doing it.
Lucian Adams
Phill McDonald was a Private First Class in the army during the Vietnam War. When 2 soldiers needed to get an evacuation point, he stepped up to provide cover fire for his fellow soldiers even though he was seriously wounded by enemies.
Phill McDonald
Arlo Olson
The Medal of Honor is a very rare and honorable award. It shows great bravery, courage, honor, patriotism, and many more important traits. Only about 3,400 people have earned this prestigious award.
Arlo Olson was a captain during World War ll. he fought in Italy. Captain Olson showed honor by letting his men get treatment before him even though he was fatally wounded himself.
Steven Bennett
Steven Bennett was a captain in World War II fighting in Italy. He showed honor by lending the observer his parachute while he attempted to land the aircraft that was damaged since there was only 1 parachute. He gave his life for his observer which shows great honor.
All of these men had a lot of courage. Sgt. Adams showed courage because no matter how scared he was when rushing through German fields to the supply line, he kept going. Pfc. McDonald showed courage because he risked his life protecting others from enemy fire. Cap. Olson showed courage by putting definses eve though fatally injured. Cap Bennett showed courage by letting the observer have his parachute even though he knew he was going to die without it.
All of these soldiers are very honored. Lucian Adams showed honor by helping his fellow soldiers by repairing the supply line. Phill McDonald also helped other soldiers even after being badly wounded. Steven Bennett helped another soldier by giving him his own parachute to save his life instead of his own. Arlo Olson helped soldiers by letting them get medical treatment before himself.
Lucian Adams showed valor by advancing through enemy fire to fix the supply line. Phill McDonald showed valor by covering other soldiers, risking his own life. Steven Bennett showed a lot of valor because he died because he saved another persons life by giving him his parachute. Arlo Olson showed valor by risking his life from his injuries because he lut other soldiers get treated before him.
All of these men show patriotism just by being in the armed forces and serving our country in the time of war. Lucian Adams showed patriotism because he helped another battilion out by fixing a supply line. Phill McDonald helped his soldiers by covering them from bullets. Arlo Olson helped soldiers by letting them get treated before him. Steven Bennett showed valor because he gave someone else his parachute, taking his own life for someone else.
Lucian Adams
Arlo Olson
Phill McDonald
Steven Bennett
We believe that these soldiers show great honor, courage, valor, and sacrifice by what they have done to help out their fellow soldiers and our country by fighting for our freedom. People should respect all soldiers because they risked their own lives for our country.
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