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Peoplemax: Overview of Services

An overview of the executive coaching services that Peoplemax provides across Australia and New Zealand.

Peoplemax: Executive Coaching

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Peoplemax: Overview of Services

Since 2002 we have specialised in one-on-one executive coaching focusing on ....
Focused Offerings
Peoplemax provides three separate focused offerings which typically take the form of full-day or half-day workshops
What do we offer?
To whom?
Managing others
Strategies for change
...and more
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Joy Pitts
Annette Senogles
Humphrey Armstrong
John Roberts
Kerrie Whitla
Nicola Clemmit
Revel Gordon
Robert Keating
Sue Wilde
Vicki Tennant
Ian Paterson
Jenny McKay
Louise Klein
Bernice Dover
Karen Conaghan
Myriam Leonardy
Tony Clitheroe
Kath McEwen
Tim Smith
Amanda Horne
John Batty
Loretta Brown
Julie Treanor
Liz Riversdale
Our aim is to remain
small enough to
provide tailored services and individual attention....but large enough to meet
our clients' needs
We currently offer clients a choice of over 20 coaches across eight cities
All Peoplemax coaches:
Are experienced Executive Coaches
Have significant prior business experience
Have training in the Behavioural Sciences
Are accredited in a range of assessment tools
At Peoplemax we also offer several focused offerings that complement and enhance one-on-one executive coaching. Each offering deals with an area where, based on client feedback, there is a particular need and we have expertise
Mature Age Workers
What is it?
Who is it for?
What is it?
Who is it for?
What is it?
Who is it for?
Small group workshop of 6 to 8 people targeted at "mature age workers", i.e. ~45 years +
Focus is on positively approaching change at a time when many individuals may be reevaluating their purpose / future and potentially considering encore careers
A range of personality profile assessments are completed online and feedback is provided during an individual pre-workshop face to face meeting
This program has been developed for executives who would like to re-invigorate their careers. They may need to take the time to proactively work out their ideal future, including their career and life purpose, the potential for encore careers and finding more meaning, flexibility and well-being
There are a number of important benefits to be had for organisations and many are realising that proactively handling transitions is a strategic issue with a significant ROI
A half-day workshop to help individuals and teams build their own resilience
The recently developed Resilience at Work (RAW) instrument is utilised
The following topics are included: Managing Stress, Interacting Cooperatively, Staying Healthy, Building Networks, Living Authentically and Finding Your Calling
Companies and individuals alike are increasingly realising that resilience is not only important in times of crisis
The ability to rebound from setbacks and adapt to change and pressure can be developed and is best done prior to any single catalyst
So, while individuals and teams that are or will be under particular strain will certainly benefit, it's not limited to these people and is a worthwhile proactive investment
In a workplace every individual is a member of one (or more) teams. Team coaching acknowledges this and aims to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of a team as a whole
Often this is best achieved in combination with one-on-one coaching, i.e. sessions as a team together as well as one (or more) confidential individual sessions
Like individuals, each team is unique, but areas that are often addressed include purpose, communication, cooperation, team dynamics and roles within the team
Any team looking to increase their productivity and / or to work better together (including more harmoniously)
Team coaching is often of particular interest to: newly established teams, teams with new leadership, teams undergoing change or teams that may have an internal issue such as conflict, lack of trust, poor communication, cultural problems or lack of accountability
For more information or to discuss your particular requirements:
John Roberts
Peoplemax offers executive coaching and related services across Australia and New Zealand. We work with organisations and individuals to maximise potential and performance
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Please visit
for profiles of each coach
Lee Williams
Leigh Wallace
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