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Korean Americans

No description

Laura Mauck

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Korean Americans

Korean Americans
100 BCE - 313 CE -> 100 Chinese Han colonies

50 BCE - 668 CE -> 3 Kingdoms
Silla, Kogoryu, Paekche

47 CE - 562 -> Kaya

668 CE - 936 -> United Silla

890 CE - 936 -> Later 3 Kingdoms
Dos and Don'ts
Be modest if complemented

Have others introduce yourself

Drinking competitions are common

Do not open presents in front of giver

Don't discuss politics, the Korean War, socialism, communism, or personal family matters

Be Punctual

Common Stereotypes
Bad drivers

Love expensive brands

Conservative in marriage & careers

Health-conscious people

Very angry about their past

Love spicy food
Acceptance in Today's Society
LA has 100 churches with Korean language services

Some local television stations provide Korean TV programs

Korean schools in major cities
helps maintain culture

Korea American communities found throughout the US

Family Traditions
Family most important part of society

Father = head of family

Confucius Teachings

Bowing = Handshaking

Giving Gifts - Red, Yellow, or Pink

White, Black, or Green wrapping
is offensive

Marriage Customs
Union of two families

Matchmakers (Eui Hon)

Groom gives wooden goose to mother in law - fidelity

Couple drinks out of same cup

Groom gives wife piggyback ride

Education Levels
Highest levels of educational achievement

Korean Americans 25 or older - 53% obtained Bachelor's degree or higher

Asian American - 49%

Overall nation - 28%

Common Professions
1903 - immigrants worked in Hawaii on sugar plantations

60s & 70s - some founded small businesses

Highest self-employment rate amongst Asian Americans

Currently Entrepreneur is top profession

Increase in white collar careers

Entertainment industry openings
Byon, A. S. (n.d.) American college students' stereotypes in Korean culture teaching. [PowerPoint slides] Retrieved from http://www.aatk.org/www/html/conference2007/pdf/Andrew%20Byon.pdf

Columbia University (2009) A Timeline of Korean History. Retrieved from http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/timelines/korea_timeline.htm

Korean Sesame Candies
2 cups sesame seeds
1 cup light brown sugar
3/4 cup water
4 tbsp honey
Peh Beck Ceremony
Wife offers dried dates & chestnuts to in-laws

In-laws offer tea

Dates and chestnuts thrown at bride

# she catches in dress = # of children
Kook Soo Sang
"The Noodle Banquet

Variety of dishes depends on season

Highlight = Kook Soo, noodle soup - "long and happy life"

Dessert = Dok & Yak Shik
Table Manners
Business Meetings
Don't sit until told where

Eldest are served and eat 1st

Don't use chopsticks to point or pierce food

Eat everything served

Don't criticize Korean Food
Dress Conservatively

Schedule meetings 3 weeks in advance

Don't take off jacket until most senior does

Send an agenda in advance

Don't be late
Mongolian Times
1231 - 1336 -> Mongolian Domination

918 -1392 Koryo Dynasty

1392 - 1897 -> Yi Dynasty
1418 - 1450 -> King Sejong
1592 - 1598 -> Imjin Wars

1724 - 1800 ->Yongo & Chongjo
1600 - 1850s -> 2 centuries of peace
19th century - Present
1850s - 1910 -> Foreign skirmishes threaten Korea

1910 - 1945 -> Japanese colonial rule

1945 -1948 -> North under Soviet rule, South under US rule

1950 - 1953 -> Korean War

1948 - present -> North named Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South named Republic of Korea
Median annual income= $50,000

Average Asian American = $66,000

Average U.S. citizen = $49,800
Poverty levels
Living in poverty = 15%

All Asian Americans = 12%

U.S. Population overall = 13%
Chang, E. T. (2003). “Korean Americans” Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America.

Schaefer, R. T. (2012) Racial and ethnic groups (13th ed.) New Jersey: Pearson

Yu, E. (2002) Korean Population in the United States, International Journal of Korean Studies Vol. VI, No.1

Psy - Gentleman
Key of Awesome - Gangnam Style parody
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