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How can I get my students to pay ATTENTION?!

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Linda Shrem

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of How can I get my students to pay ATTENTION?!

How can I get my students to pay ATTENTION?!
What We Know:
*"Unless our students are paying attention, it doesn't matter how good the lesson may be otherwise."

*Skillful teachers make certain moves to engage students' attention.

*The more time students spend seriously engaged in learning activities, the likelier they are to master the material or skill.
The Repertoire of "Attention Moves"
1. Desisting- Corrective & Direct!
2. Alerting- Used more towards a group, teachers try and keep the students "alert."
3. Enlisting- Getting the students excited!
4. Acknowledging- Acknowledging the student is distracted and validating his/her feeling
5. Winning- Winning the student over to focus on YOU!
Voice Variety
"Get back to work, now"
"Stop the tapping JIM"
"Sarah, move over to table 4, please"
"Stop it now, or leave the group."
Pause and look.
Redirecting the question to another student
Circulation around the room
Eye contact
Incomplete Sentences
Connecting with students' fantasies
"What's on your mind? Brenda, you seem distracted."
"I know you're excited about the big game tonight, but..."
In Review...
Holding our students' attention will promote curriculum implementation
Each of the 5 steps is equally important
Different students respond to different techniques
A "good" teacher will know which method to use on which student
Did you get all that?
Were you paying ATTENTION?!
Source: The Skillful Teacher

Jon Saphier
Robert Gower
Linda (Shrem) Moratov
Source: The Skillful Teacher

Jon Saphier
Robert Gower
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