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League of Legends

No description

Hannah Wong

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of League of Legends

League of Legends
By Dan Heizer, Megan Wright, and Hannah Wong
What is Competitive Gaming?
Electronic sports (eSports) is an organized gaming competition between professionals playing at a skilled and competitive level.
What do you think are the consequences of competitive gaming?
How does competitive gaming affect the LoL community? How does it affect the gaming community as a whole?
Do you think competitive gaming should be a more popular event in the gaming community? If yes, what games?
What is League of Legends?
League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena computer game.
How to Play:
Rules Set by Devs
Each team has a Nexus, which is defended by 11 towers in total. The first team to destroy their opponent's Nexus wins.
Minions will begin to spawn at 1:30, and again every 30 seconds. Both team's minions collide in the middle of the lanes.
Gold is earned by destroying towers, killing minions, and defeating other players.
From this set of rules, players have established an extremely specific meta-game.
How To Play: The Meta
Current Meta:
Top Laner: Bruiser, duelist.
Mid Laner: Assassin, tasked with eliminated high priority targets.
Attack Damage Carry: Heavily gold dependent, single target damage.
Support: Minimally gold dependent. Crowd control, vision.
Jungler: Tank with crowd control and ability to initiate fights.
Vital in team cooperation.

A Typical Pro-Player
Thus far, exclusively male
Age 18-26
Many are postponing college to pursue eSports.
Pro-Play Perspectives
Recognition as a pro-athlete
Makes a living:
LCS: Estimated $46, 559-$222,963
Worlds: As of 2013, $2 million prize money is dispersed between 14 teams. First team wins $1 million.
If from a different country, you receive a visa.
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