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No description

Danielle Stefanowicz

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of CJ JONES

Deaf Comedian CJ JONES CJ JONES I could not find when CJ was born. Grew up in St. Louis, MO CJ was one out of seven hearing children
born to deaf parents. CJ Jones was born hearing. He became sick with
Spinal Meningitis at age 7 and lost his hearing. WHO IS CJ JONES?! CJ calls himself the "double whammy" being an
actor that is deaf and black.
CJ went to Missouri School for the deaf then
graduated and went to NTID (National Technical
Institute for the Deaf) in NY.
After NTID CJ joined the National Theater for the deaf. Accomplishments CJ has starred on many TVshows: -Fraiser
-Lincoln Heights
-Sesame Street
-host of -> Happy Hands
Kids Club CJ was one of 4 deaf performers in documentary: "See What I'm Saying" CJ is head of Hands across communication An organization that creates events that allows deaf entertainers to express their talents. Goal is to make dream come true with performances on stage. HOW DID CJ IMPACT DEAF CULTURE? CJ founded Sign World Media-> creates opportunities for deaf people in entertainment. What a Comedian! CJ is an inspiration. He has taught me to be happy with what you have because you have the power to do what you want, if you don't give up. When did CJ become deaf?
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