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Geography and the Early Settlement of China

No description

Stephanie Berg

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Geography and the Early Settlement of China

Land of contrasts... Geography of China Region A part or section of a country.

For example, the Midwest,
New England, or Deep South Climate The average weather conditions at a particular
place. North China Plain A region in the Huang He River valley, where
Chinese civilization began. Oasis A place, usually in a desert, where water
can be found. Tributary A stream or river that feeds into a larger stream,
river, or lake. In China... Regions include the North China Plain, Gobi Desert, and Tibet-Qinghai Plateau In China.... The climates of the North China Plain and the Chang Jiang Basins to the south are very different from one another. In China: Contrasting Climates North China Plain Chang Jiang Basins Climate: Dry, often cool Climate: Often warm and wet North China Plain
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