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Teaching Subjunctive Mood

No description

Duke Hao

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Subjunctive Mood

the topic
& Reviewing Try to translate
the sentence Subjunctive Mood Teaching Make a list Make a story of Duke Hao Possible Answers: If I have a second chance If I am given a second chance by God Teacher instruct: Is it true? had Give Sentence Structure If I had had a second chance, I would have Make a Confession Ask students to add more to the list Study If I had been given a second chance, I wouldn't have (Contrary to past fact) General Introduction Grammar Point: Subjunctive Mood Outline: 1 class Translate the
in the movie Teach basic
structure Find similar
conversatiosn 1 2 3 Engage Study Activate Designed by:
Han Yiwen
Hao Yuanyue
Liao Zuquan
Wang Jiajun Were Role-play: History-regretting Text Proof:
Unit 1 Wonders in Architecture
New Century English Make conversations If I had had a second chance, I would have set an alarm clock. If I had set an alarm clock, I wouldn't have been late for school. e.g Find evidences in the text If he hadn't broken his arm, he wouldn't have been fat. Make comparison to the present tense. Assignment Make up a lifeline of your own, and
if you had a second chance,
what you would have/haven't done.
or if you had done A, you would have/
haven't done B.
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