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Plot graph

Alyssa Lacroix

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of "Unbreakable"

Setting: Year 2000 in Philadelphia Inciting Incident: When the train
went off the rails. Conflict: Individual vs. Self
Individual vs. Individual
Individual vs. Society Crises: -Relationship struggles.
-Almost getting shot by his own son. Climax: -David Dunn discovers he has the ability to sense people's bad deeds by simply touching them.
-In the train station a man in an orange suit bumps into him and David senses that the man has recently broken into an unsuspecting persons house.
-David follows the man back to the house where he finds out that the man is holding the family hostage.
-David gets thrown in the pool and nearly drowns.
-He proceed to strangle the man to death and finds that he was too late in saving the children's parents.
-David shakes Elijah's hand and finds out that he is a criminal and he made the police go to his store where they found evidence of three acts of terrorism.
-Elijah is sent to an institution for the criminally insane. Denouement (un-ravelling of the plot):
-David then realizes that Elijah is physcopath. Resolution: We think that he won't pursue on being a super hero because at the end of the movie he realizes that it took him causing all of those deaths to eventually find out that he has supernatural powers. Rising Action Falling Action
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