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We went to Chinatown!

We went to Chinatown in San Francisco for an extra credit assignment in core.

Riku Yamaji

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of We went to Chinatown!

After our visit,
we researched
about San Francisco
Chinatown. Here is some information about San Francisco Chinatown. San Francisco Chinatown Report Street Signs We noticed that Chinatown had different street signs than Danville. San Francisco Chinatown Fun Facts Landmarks For our project,
we went to San Francisco. Here are the landmarks we found in San Francisco Chinatown... The Bank of America building The Bank of America Building wasn't any ordinary Bank of America Building. It was Decorated beautifully. We saw golden dragons on the front doors. By Riku Yamaji and
Sean Kim Chinatown was a very interesting place to visit. It had many cool places and things. They had Chinese letters under the English letters. San
Francisco Things We found:

-Things that aren't in Danville
-Cool Landmarks
-Notable Features Thanks for watching! History of the San Francisco Chinatown The first Chinese immigrants, two men and a woman, arrive in San Francisco. 1848 1853 Gold was discovered at Sutter's mill. The Old St. Mary's Church was created. Presbyterian Church in Chinatown is the first ever Asian church in North America. 1849 1859 Chinese Congregational Church and Chinese United Methodist Church are established 1873 Presbyterian Mission Home for Chinese women, later renamed Donaldina Cameron House is established 1874 "The Chinese School" was created. Chinese children were assigned to this "Chinese only" school. They were not allowed into any other public schools in San Francisco. First, we will share what we saw and experienced in San Francisco Chinatown. History of San Francisco Chinatown Bank of Canton Restaurants The only restaurant we visited was
The R&G Lounge. One thing we noticed was that unlike Danville, the service was not good. We ordered the Salt and Pepper Crab, Fried Tofu, and the Shark Fin Soup. The restaurant was small, but the food was very good. Things we did in Chinatown

-Eat in restaurants
-buy souvenirs in stores History of the San Francisco Chinatown The "Chinese School" was renamed the" Oriental School," so that Chinese, Korean, and Japanese students could be assigned to the school. 1885 1911 San Francisco earthquake and fire. Most of the buildings in Chinatown were ruined, but the Chinese spirit lived on. The Chinatown YMCA is established 1906 The Chinatown Public Library opens 1921 The "Oriental School" was renamed again to Commodore Stockton School. Alice FongYu was the first Chinese teacher. Students were barred from speaking Chinese in school or on the playground. 1924 English-Language Newspaper for Chinatown is created 1940 Stores One of the stores we visited was the Kite Shop. The cashier told us to buy kites in his shop because it was a windy type of weather in San Francisco, and that it was a great time of the year for flying kites.
We didn't buy any kites, but we looked at them and thought that they were really cool. There were kites of dragons, lions, fish, butterflies, planes, and many more. It was a very cool place. The Bank of Canton was the most interesting building we saw. We were surprised when we saw it because it looked like an ancient building, but it was surrounded by regular modern day buildings, and it seemed a little out of place. The Sing Chong Building When we saw the Sing Chong Building, we took a lot of pictures from different angles because the building looked so amazing. Later, we found out that the Sing Chong Building is the most photographed building in San Francisco. Here are the significant dates and occurrences in the history of Chinatown. Here are some fun
facts of San Francisco
Chinatown... Chinatown Dragon Gate The Chinatown Dragon Gate was a really cool enterance to Chinatown. It had an inscription that said "All under heaven is the people" on it, by Dr. Sun Yet-Sen. San Francisco Chinatown in the largest Chinatown out of Asia
San Francisco Chinatown attracts more tourists than the Golden Gate Bridge annually
San Francisco Chinatown is the most densely populated urban area west of Manhattan
In 1846, Captain John B. Montgomery of the U.S.S. Portsmouth raised the American flag in San Francisco for the first time at Portsmouth Square
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