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A proposal to implement the use of iPad's and do away with traditional textbooks

Nick Jakubauskas

on 28 April 2011

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iPad Use in Class
Nick Jakubauskas
Why should Penn State replace the traditional paper textbook with iPad use? They are about productivity
-This product can perform many functions They are about convergence better than e-reader, ipad is multifuntionable They are mobility-
weighing only 1.5 lbs They are about availability and Price ,
Tablets will allow users to have the functionality they want
at a price they can afford the net result will be a lower cost for education across the board
They are about community iPad tablet computers connect users to one another, today's learning environment is a collabortive atmosphere The many Advantages of choosing the iPad Students will save on average $865.40/year by buying an iPad and not text books iPad is partnered with a publishing company named Inkling Inkling offers electronic copies of all college textbooks at nearly 60% cheaper than the paper version Average amount Students spend on textbooks is $1,137 per year iPad can do pretty much anything There has been an increase in the cost of college textbooks for every year from 1987-2004. combine this with other expenses like:

rent, food, social, student loans and in/out of state tuition paying for expensive college textbooks can cause a financial burden for students not to mention the iPad has more functions than traditional paper text LUCKILY The Age of Information Cost Size 16GB 32GB 64GB
WiFi $499 $599 $699
Wifi+3G $629 $729 $829 Functions -email
-web browsing
-millions of apps
-Light and Thin
The prices of new textbooks never decrease over time Any information can be accessed, The world we live in today is a collaboritive environment The iPad and cloud computing will serve as the of future techonology Soon the iPad will become a common household device such as the tv. The amount of iPad users will continue to grow and Penn State should adopt it's use in the classroom Benefits of using iPad's in class Enhance the relationship between the student and the professor Students become more interactive with the teacher and with fellow classmates The iPad offers student's a product cheaper than textbooks but with many more functions Promoting interaction and collaboration provides more interesting classes Professors are allowed to distribute quizes through the iPad
Students can take notes over the text and post publicly there notes for other students to view The amount of paper on campus will be significantly decreased if students no longer need textbooks or notebooks to take notes in A creative environment is created Examples of iPad use in the classroom Baldwin Private High School in Tennesee
-Requires iPad purchase of each student Stanford Medical School. Requires use of iPad Stanford has created a highly interactive app that allows students to use .pdf files to annotate notes Highwire App Conclusions- Making the change On average students currently spend $3,411 over three years on textbooks
and could be saving $865.40 over three years if the use of iPad’s were implemented in the classroom. Eco-Friendly
-The amount of paper on campus will significantly be decreased Use inklink’s digital textbooks instead of paper The collaborative aspect of working in teams will be brought out through inklings applications, students are able to communicate. inkling texts are cheaper than standard textbooks no rental books to return or heavy bags to carry If the cost of an iPad is an issue, Penn State must provide a rental service Education can only be improved by iPad implemation The current trend in society shows that technology will continue growing and the use of iPad’s in the classroom is inevitable because of its value and many functions it can perform. It is my reccomendation that Penn State makes the leap and retires paper textbooks for good
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