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1960s powerpoint

No description

chloe colbird

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of 1960s powerpoint

made by Chloe 1960s power point The fashion trends
from the 60s 1.Beehive The Rockin Hairstyles In school around third grade everyone starts taking subjects that they would need for the rest of there lives.There education was mostly on grammer and second education.Most kids didn't get into college because grades. Only maybe7.5 percent of the students would get into college out 50 student classroom. The Kids Education Was very important in the 60s Ads Important people of the 60s Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st, 1926 in los angelos California. Marilyn Monroe's real name is Norma jean Mortenson. Monroe was an actor and the largest sex symbol in the world. She died on august 5, 1962 because of drug overdose. Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935
he sang teenage problems such as girl friends and boyfriends and maybe money. He grew up as the king of pop, he died from heart failure on august 16, 1977 at 42 years old. Martin Luther king Jr was born on January 15, 1929. Martin tried to change the fact that white people couldn't do anything that the white people did. later he gave his I have a dream speech,that changed allot but not everything he had wished would of happend.He died April 4, 1968 from a gun shot to the head. Rosa parks was born on February 4,1913 in Tuskegee Alabama. She tried to sit in the front of the bus, she refused to get up to a white person so she got thrown in jail. Walter Disney was born on December
5, 1966. He founded Disneyland and world. He created the best classic cartoon character called Mickey Mouse. He won over 15 trophies for his creativity and imagination. Walt Disney died December 15,1996. Her are some of the
60s jamming hits !!! She loves you-Beatles Blue moon-Parcels Johnny B.good- Chuck berry The lion sleeps tonight- Tokens I got you babe-Sonny and Cher Tiny Bubbles-Don Ho Here are the grooving groups from the 60s The rolling stone The Beatles Sonny and Cher The Beach Boys 1960- the mini skirt 1964-The space age 1966-Bright clothing 1967-Ethnic fashion 1968-Hippie look 1963- The Bikini Of 60s 2.The Bouffant 3.The flip 4.Hippie Dippie Dos 5.Pixi Snips Tv shows from 60s Adams family The jetsons Yogi bear The flinstones Mr.Ed I dream of Jeannie movies from the 60s The music man The pink panther Jungle book Kerbie The Great Escape marble ads Air united airlines Oscar meyor winner Pearl shampoo http://listverse.com/2007/11/06/top-15-beatles-songs/ 5 shocking events from the 60s The great train robbery happened August 8Th 1963 at Bridges Railway bridge. It killed lots of people in the accident. There were three robbers involved in the accident they found 1 and he rotted in jail for the rest of his life. they never got the millions of dollars the robbers stole from them. On September 15,1963 a unexpected church bombing acurred. It happened in Birmingham,Alabama to a baptist church. People said it was because the church was for black congregation for civil right leaders. Right after the I have a dream speech. The super bowl started in 1967. The super bowl was created as part merger agreement between National football. In 1963 in Washington D.C, Martin luther king jr said his i have a dream speech. It means that he wanted all African Americans to be treated the same as white people. He thought his speech would change everything but it didn't, It just got him killed. Star trek started franchising in 1966. They made the whole series in all different types animation , the original and the next generation. Soon the series started going of the roof. 5 examples that symbolize culture music film technology hippies sexual revolution Movements and Acts Anti war movement

free speech movement

civil rights movement

gay liberation Movement

new left Conflict and peace Vietnam war

civil rights movement

freedom of speech

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