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Malcolm X Speech analysis

No description

adolfo cruz

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Malcolm X Speech analysis

Malcolm X
"The Ballot or the Bullet" Audience Effect of the speech at conveying its message Influence the speech has on modern times Influence the speech had on history i think the influence the speech had on history is that it influenced the blacks to fight against racism and to stand up for themselves and for their rights . SOAPSTone Speaker the speech " The Ballot or The Bullet" is a motivational speech because Malcolm X is trying to motivate the blacks to fight for their right to vote. I believe the intended audience the speaker was addressing was the blacks and the whites because he is telling the blacks how they should vote or if they can't vote they should chose the "bullet" and do violent things. He is addressing the whites by telling them that they are treating the blacks wrong and that they are just using the blacks to get white people voted into politics. I think the speech was effective at conveying its message because the blacks were influenced to act against racism and other problems a and were influenced to vote. Malcolm x in his speech ,"The Ballot or the Bullet" asserts that blacks taking actions can move from inequality to equality through his use of allusion and paradox Inequality Equality

The speaker asserts in
paragraph 3 of the " Ballot or the bullet " that your religion shouldn't matter everyone is equal through the use of paradox Ballot(Voting)
the speaker asserts in paragraph 16 that the congressmen are doing things to keep the Negro from voting through the use of paradox Bullet(Violence) the speaker asserts in paragraph 4 of "The Ballot or The Bullet" that the Negros are being oppressed,exploited and being degraded through the use of paradox the speaker asserts in paragraph 17 of " The Ballot or the Bullet" that black's are leading up to fighting over their voting rights through the use of paradox. Adolfo Cruz THE TYPE OF SPEECH GIVEN Occasion audience Purpose Tone Subject i think the influence the speech had on modern times is that it changed the blacks right to vote were they can be able to vote more easier without barriers or something in their way. Is this an appropriate speech for history? I think this speech is appropriate for Black History Month because it was a major movement for the blacks in the times where they were being discriminated against and had a lot of troubles being able to use their right to vote and overcame all of the problems of that time.
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