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Kitty and Mack:A Love Story

No description

Mariam Abbasi

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Kitty and Mack:A Love Story

Kitty and Mack: A Love Story
Mack, is a popular baseball prodigy.He is so good that he would even be able to go to the major leagues at age 19. Even though he was smart, he made a show of not caring about his grades and ended up with a C- average in his senior year. On the first week of school, Mrs. Henry, their English teacher said they have to write a poem to a particular person and had to write it like a real poet. Everybody else wrote the poem to their heroes. Then Kitty, Duke Wilson's granddaughter said she would read her poem to Mack. After Kitty read the poem to Mack, he instantly fell in love. He had already started making their "long-term plans". Suddenly, the day before Christmas, two guys were running on the uptown side of the street but their car was facing the wrong way in traffic, and someone leaned out the back window. "Drive by!" a kid screamed. Everybody was ducking and doing everything they can to save their lives. After the two guys left, everybody noticed Mack on the floor. He was shot. They took him to the hospital, and the day of Christmas, they were told that two bullets went right into his ankle, which could have just about taken his foot off. After he came back from the hospital, he was depressed and sad. Kitty got worried and tried to talk to him but he wouldn't listen to anyone, not even his father. Kitty sent Mack a letter which said that she was waiting for him at the barber shop. Mack then arrived at the barber shop and they started talking. At the end, Mack felt much better after talking to Kitty.
145 Street
Book Review
I chose the story Kitty and Mack because I think this story has different themes and is very interesting. One thing I don't like about this story is that after Mack got into an accident, he wasn't interested in anything he liked before. I think after his accident, he should have been motivated to still do the things he likes. I think the situation where Mack got shot could be believable because there has been a lot of shooting in the past year. I would recommend this book to everybody because it is an interesting story. Therefore, I would rate this story 4.5 out of 5.

This is the narrator of the story. In the story, it does not say the name of this person
Unknown Narrator
Harlem- this is where the story mainly takes place
145 Street- This is the street Kitty and Mack live in.
Barber Shop- This is where Kitty and Mack talk after his accident
School- This is where the studets get their assignments and where Kitty reads her poem to Mack.
I think the theme of this story is when you are good at something, don't go overboard and think that you are good at everything. For example, in the story, since Mack was good at baseball, he thought whenever he would walk by somebody, they would go crazy. Also, since he was a baseball prodigy, he pretended not to care about his grades.
Text to Text- The character, Kitty in this story is like the character, Johnnie May from The Fighter, another short story. I think this because Johnnie May cares for her husband in The Fighter just like Kitty cares for Mack after his accident. The setting in this story and The Fighter are the same in Harlem, NY, 145 Street. These two stories are alike because of their setting and characters.
Text to world- This story is similir to the world because there are alot of incidents with shootings. For example, this can connect to the shooting in 2012 in the school even though Mack didn't get shot at school.
I think the conflict of this story is when Mack gets into the accident and then doesn't really like any of the things he used to like.
Point of View- Third Person. The story is not told by a character in the story.
This story takes place in:
Harlem, 145 street
Barber shop
School(English Class)
Mack- A popular baseball prodigy. Mack also has an attitude problem. He thinks when he walks by, everybody will go crazy. He is described as big, 180 pounds and six feet one.
Kitty- Kitty is the granddaughter of Duke Wilson. She is smart and everybody likes her because she has a great personality. She's only 16 and a senior.
Duke Wilson- Duke Wilson is the owner of a barber shop. He is also Kitty's grandfather. Everybody who knew him, knew he was smart because everybody expected Kitty to be smart.
Duke Wilson
Mariam Abbasi
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