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Why is wave energy good for North Carolina?

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Antonia I.

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Why is wave energy good for North Carolina?

Wave Energy
By: Antonia Izuogu, Biabu Mwalaba and
Myah Faggart

Why is wave energy good for North Carolina?
Wave energy is good for North Carolina, because its just another way to produce electricity.
North Carolina is on the east coast by the ocean
What are the benefits and costs of wave energy?
Creates energy up to 800 times more the wind
A renewable energy source
Does not emit anything into the atmosphere
Produces energy all day, all night
Wave energy devices can store the energy used to generate electricity
Environmental Impacts: Good and Bad
Are smaller than wind turbines
Do not have propellers
Anchoring system of the machines can act as artificial reefs for homes for marine life

Disrupts migration of large fish
Kills large fish going through turbines
Can cause noise pollution
Changes flow and turbulence of water

Effectiveness of Wave Power
The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has recently been testing two models of Pelamis P2e. P2e is suppose to be:
larger from the original
more power
long term reliabilty
developed for volume production
How Wave Power Is Used Throughout The World
People use wave power in tidal plants.
Tidal plants give us another way to generate electricity.
The water turns the turbine, and the turbine is connected to a generator, and this makes electricity.

The cost of an experiment done on
Pelamis P2e
cost 1.4 million British pounds. This is equivalent to about 2.3 million US dollars.
Making a pelamis could cost sixteen million dollars
Real World Example
In Buzios,Brazil REUTERS Rescue workers helped a stranded whale back to sea from being a victim of noise pollution
What is wave energy?
Wave energy is when energy is taken from ocean waves.
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