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No description

Gabe Luebbe

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Ghosts

Are essentially wild vicious creatures
Contain only the primitive elements of fear
Can only be scary in an outdoor scenario
Like vampires, there is a go-to way to kill them
Ghost -
Can go through matter
Impossible to run from
Physical barriers can't protect you
Physically Limitless
No physical restrictions
Can take any form
"An Account of Some Strange Disturbances"
Shuffling of identities
Lack of physical classification
Height of Fear
Become your greatest fear
Endless possibilities
"The Ghost of Maiden's Peak"
Spacial Characteristics
Do not have physical needs
Difficult to expel
"Case of the Lighthouse Shambler"
Failed attempt to ward off.
Ghosts vs. Others
Confined to customary behavior
Can be killed by traditional methods
Only intention is to feed, not haunt
Are more seductive than scary
pertains to all things that cause fear or that could inflict physical or psychological harm: a real or perceived threat

Ghost - a spirit often motivated by a specific purpose, bereft of a well-defined physical form.

Ghosts have the most potential to be scary
Physical Components
Psychological Components

The History of Ghosts in Early Modern Europe: Recent Research and Future Trajectories, by Edwards
Ghosts are universal
Ghosts are versatile
Of the 25 Top Grossing Horror Movies since 1995, 14 were about ghosts.
One vampire, one zombie, zero werewolf
People are more likely to believe in ghosts than the others
Variations in form
Ghosts are usually intangible
However, can be tangible
Trentino Kid

No supernatural abilities
Basic way of killing them
Gonzalo Barreto Thomas Farid Gabe Luebbe Kevin Ward
Physical Fear
Always tied to one place?
"...each haunting is different because it concerns different observers, and produces different relationships between ghost and observers" (Holloway 300).

Not Always
Ghost of Beaucaire
Rag and Bone Men
Kingdom of the Dead

The Conjuring
Omniscient Beings
Invoke guilt
Represent a higher power
Inescapable presence
Rag-and-Bone Men
Tell Tale Heart
The Grudge
Fear of the afterlife

"You're Next"

Examples :
Association With Death and the Unknown
Psychological Fear
Once a month
Threat is primarily physical
Not undead creatures
"Be thou a spirit of health or goblin damned,
Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell, Be thy intents wicked or charitable" (I. iv. 43-45)
A Christmas Carol.
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