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Copy of Hymn Choreographed by Judith Jamison

No description

Kelly Birchall

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Hymn Choreographed by Judith Jamison

Hymn (1993)
Hymn was choreographed by Judith Jamison and performed in 1993.
It was created as a tribute to Alvin Ailey as he inspired Jamison and AAADT.
Emmy award winning dance piece.
It was described that it takes the audience on a journey through Ailey's contributions to humanity, his dancers and the dance industry.
Recorded text that was derived from AAADT company is used throughout the work. They talk about Ailey's contributions, how he inspired them with his choreograph and how he made dance enjoyable for them.
Recorded words from Ailey himself from across the years is also used. This was to help highlight his importance to them all and also used as a way of him influencing the choreography.
The recorded text mixed with the music helped modernise the dance work
Percussion is used a lot throughout to link to Ailey's African-American background and the relationships between the movements and music shows direct correlation and mutual co- existence where it enhances the idea that Jamison thought the work "shows the past, present and future"
Video clip
The men are topless and wear loose but not baggy fitting red, orange and pink Lycra trousers as they are easy to move in. and they are bare footed.
The women are wearing the same trousers but are also wearing black vest tops and are also bare footed.
At the start these costumes are worn to show the celebration of Ailey's life and works.
Later in Hymn, the costumes change. The men wear shorts and the women wear tight fitting leotards. The colours also change to black and different shades of brown to relate back to the historical context of some of Ailey's work, for example, Revelations.
The structure of the dance is episodic as it tells the story of moments of Ailey's life before dance but also show his dance career.
By it being an episodic structure, it reminds the audience of how much times has changed throughout Ailey's life.
Also the text shows the chronology of when some of the company met him.
Number of dancers on stage
Throughout the piece, the number of dancer on stage varies. For some sections the entire AAADT company is on stage. This is because it is a way of all the company respecting Ailey due to him being a big influence on them.
There is also a mixture of duets and solos in the work as they have been described by many critics that they represent Ailey's different characteristics.
Judith Jamison's main dance style Ballet is used a lot. In some solo's that occur throughout the work, ballet is evident through the dancers elegant movements and upright postures. This relates back to when Ailey choreographed dances to suit Jamison's style.
Heavy stamps are used which easily links to African dance, relating back to both Jamison and Ailey being African-American.
Lester Horton was a huge influence to Ailey and Jamison also added in the Horton technique with in Hymn. this shown through angular lines that the dancer create with their arms and legs.
and modern
Created by Chloe Gisborne
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