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My Timeline

No description

Joyce Jugo

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of My Timeline

My Life Timeline
By: Joyce Jugo

Date: September 12, 1998
New Sibling!
Date: February 1, 1999
Family Studies 30s
During this time in my life, I was born into a nuclear family. I had two parents (Mom: Melinda, Dad: Jimmy) who were already married, an older sister (Jane), and a grandpa who lived with us.
At this special occasion, my family was still quite small. No extended family, except for my grandpa, lived anywhere close by, (because the majority lived in the Philippines or else where in the world) and the majority of the guests were my God parents and close family friends. My family also was entering the child bearing stage, as they had 2 daughters who were turning 1 and 2 yrs old.
First Day of School
Date: September 4, 2000
Injured Arm
Date: March - April 2003
Started Vocal Training and Musical Theatre
Date: Sept 2003
1st Competition - 1st Place
Date: May 2004
7th Birthday
Date: September 11 2004
Sibling 2.0
Date: September 8 2005
Moving Houses
Date: June 1 2006
Awards Night 2013
Date: September 9 1997

@: St Boniface Hospital
Time: 4:13 am
Weight: 7 ibs 9 oz
Age: 0
@: St Peters Roman Catholic Church
Age: 1 yrs old
@: St Boniface Hospital
Age: 1 yrs old
When my brother James was born, my family transitioned into a 6 person nuclear family. I now had 2 siblings, as well as both my parents to love and support me. Although this was a very special day, the down fall to having a new brother was for my parents. The cost of raising 3 kids was definitely a big difference from raising 2 kids, and it was a struggle to adjust to the new change.
@: Greenway Elementary School
Age: 3 yrs old
On the first day of nursery, I was the youngest kid in my class because as most of the students were already 4 yrs old, I was still 3. My family is now a family with preschoolers, and also a child bearing family as James did not start school yet. Also, my parents lives became less restricted now that 2 children were in school. My parents now didn't have to divide up the attention between us 3 and focus on James' needs as a baby
@: A family friend's house
Age: 5 yrs old
*Note: This picture was taken at my sisters' 7th birthday party. 7th birthday's have a significant meaning in the Filipino culture which will be explained in slide #8.*
STORY TIME: So somewhere around March or April 2003, my parents had to go some where and they left my siblings and I at a family friends house so they can baby sit us. My brother and I were running around the house and I noticed that their living room floor was really shiny. My 5 yr old self thought "Hmm how fun would it be to slide on the floor with my socks?" So that's exactly what I did, and I ended up falling on my arm and breaking it. Of course at the time my family friend's didn't know it was broken so they bought me McDonalds to cheer me up. I went to the hospital to get my arm checked out the next day, and sure enough, the doctor said it was broken and I ended up having to have a really bulky cast at my sisters' 7th birthday the next month.
@: Joy Lazo Music and Movement
Age: 6 yrs old
During this point of my life, I begged my mom to let me dance. I've always wanted to pursue dancing and I loved ballet. I did take ballet for a year or two, but my mom forced me to quit and instead enrolled me into vocal lessons and musical theatre. From this day on, I grew to have a passion for singing and performing in theatre, more than I loved dance. I do have my mom to thank of course, since singing and performing in theatre is one of the things I value the most in my life today.
@: The Winnipeg's International Children's Festival at the Forks
Age: 6 yrs old
A couple of months after I started vocal training, I enrolled into my first competition. I sang the song "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" and I surprisingly one first prize. This day was the start of the drive of winning more and more competitions throughout the next months and years.
@: Marigold Inkster Restaurant
Age: 7 yrs old
This point of time in my life was very exciting for me. In Filipino culture, becoming 7 was a big thing. It generally meant that this person is getting ready to grow up, and it shows a stage in your life when you've grown out of your childhood, and are headed into the life as a pre-teen; where I can now play more of a role in the family and start making decisions on my own. This event is usually celebrated quite similar to a mexican's "quinceanera." All members of my cotillion wore big ball gowns and we danced to the waltz and 2 other modern dances (which also showcased the talents of what 7 yr olds can do). At this event, over 100 family friends and extended family attended which made everyone in the family closer, even though some of them weren't blood related.
*Note: My brother James was my escort.*
@: St. Boniface Hospital
Age: 7 yrs old
*Note: This picture was not taken on the actual date of his birth, this was at his Christening a couple months later.*
The day before my birthday, my mom went into labor and out came my new little brother Jimmy Mark Jugo (but we call him JR). My family grew larger, and we transitioned into a nuclear family of 6. My parents were back to the "childbearing family" stage, and at the same time was at the "family with preschoolers" stage and the "family with school children" stage. My siblings and I were all growing up so fast, so a new sibling to the family brought more chores and tasks at hand, and also more responsibilities because my parents' main focus was now a baby.
First Major Musical Theatre Role
Date: January 19-22 2010
@: Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre
Age: 12 yrs old
This role was the role that changed my life as a person and as a performer. In grade 7, I was casted as "Marcy Park" in the Winnipeg premiere of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." The experience was amazing, and performing at such a professional theatre like the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre was just unreal for someone who was the age of 12. I am very, very thankful for having this experience, and this role made me realize how much I love performing in theatre, how seriously I take performing, and most importantly how greatly it has effected my life.
Age: 8 yrs old
@: 50 Danford Drive
After JR was born, my parents realized that our 2 bedroom, half of a duplex house, was too small to raise 4 kids in. My siblings and I were now all school age children, and were also growing up very fast. With this thought in mind, my parents made the courageous decision to move houses. We moved to an area that was about half an hour away from our old neighborhood and it was difficult to adjust to the change, especially because we moved during the last month of school. Saying goodbye to old friends and teachers was a struggle, and getting used to the new area and house was a big change. Thankfully, the summer of 2006 let my siblings and I become familiar with the area, and we were ready to face the first day at a new school in the Fall.
Grandpa Passes Away
Date: May 15 2010
@: Health Sciences Centre
Age: 12 yrs old
This day was definitely a difficult time, and one of the biggest struggles to overcome for my family and I. My grandpa had been hospitalized for weeks from kidney failure and internal bleeding. He then got transferred to the ICU and died from a sudden heart attack on the evening of May 15. His death moved my family physically and emotionally. He was a close family member to all of us, and his death was sudden. It was especially hard for my parents because he was my dad's dad, and my mom was also in school studying to become a health care aide, so his death effected her grades. The week before the viewing was an emotional roller coaster as there was so many things to do and extended family from all over Canada and the USA flew in to Winnipeg to say goodbye to my grandpa one last time. After the viewing, my dad flew to the Philippines with my grandpa for the funeral with my extended family in the Philippines, and he was put to rest in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.
Cousins From the Philippines Move to Canada
Date: November 2004
@: Winnipeg International Airport
Age: 7 yrs old
After years of planning and saving up, my cousins from my dad's side of the family made the decision to immigrate from the Philippines to Canada. Having them in our lives meant that now we have extended family living in Winnipeg and our family bond became stronger. My house was a duplex so they lived on the second floor which meant the down side was that there would be less space in our house.
Chicago Road Trip 2011!
Date: July 1-3 2011
@: Bollingbrook, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois
Age: 13 yrs old
*Note: This picture was taken at "The Willis Tower" in Chicago. Unfortunately, not all of my cousins could come to this outing.*
This trip was quite a memorable trip for my family and I. In the summer of 2011, my family and went on a road trip to visit my mom's side of the family in Illinois. I met LOTS of extended family I didn't even know existed, and although we only had 1-2 days to bond, they were worth it because now we're all super close. My family then grew even larger than it already is, and I am very thankful for that because now I have lots of people who will be there to love and support me.
Banff Choir Trip!
Date: April 25-30 2013
@: Rocky Mountain Music Festival
Age: 15 yrs old
In April 2013, the choir and band students of West K went on a trip to Banff for the Rocky Mountain Music Festival. It was an adventure being in Banff, and it was beautiful waking up to mountains for 5 days. I learned a lot about music and Banff on this trip and I also got to bond more with my choir family and the music department of West K.
Date: October 3 2013
@: West K Commons
Age: 16 yrs old
For the school year of 2012-2013, I had the pleasure of being one of the top 5 students, or to be more specific #4 of all the top 5s, with the highest average in grade 10. It was very over whelming finding out I was in top 5 because I had the thought in my head that I didn't deserve it. After a lot of thought and consideration, I ended up believing that I deserved it, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. My parents were also extremely proud of me as well.
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