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OBHR 330 Airplane

No description

Stephanie Mellady

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of OBHR 330 Airplane

Double click anywhere & add an idea Job Satisfaction Boiler Travels Team 14 Johnny McCarthy
Jordan Miller
Stephanie Mellady
Vanessa Martinez
Mike McNamee
Overview Business Overview
Special Deals
Conclusion and FUN!!!
Business Overview Located within 5 miles of West Lafayette
Customers would be students, staff, people in the area
As well as people coming into Purdue
Offer exclusive deals, packages, and partnerships
Competitors Fantastic Journeys
Priceline.com Breakdown 5 Owners
4 managers and 12 workers
Incorporate several OB topics into the company
Compensation and Motivation
Who will be using Boiler Travels? STUDENTS
Prospective students
Participants of STAR
Hot Spring Break Destinations Deal Sporting Events Football
Rose Bowl
Tostitos Bowl
March Madness hosted in Texas 2011
Big Ten Tournament
Big Ten/Big East Challenge Special Deals Travel alerts by text or via email
4star hotels
Spa Resort
All inclusive:
High levels of customer service
Ethical business decisions Our employees feel that they can get higher positions here just as fast as or faster than at other travel agencies so they will have motivation to work hard and be happy about it.

Our employees feel as though they are being paid a fair amount for the work that they do so they feel satisfied
Since we will always have a 3 to 1
employee to supervisor ratio our
employees will always have someone
to go to if they have questions.
Our employees are very happy with the work itself because they do not do the same thing day in and day out. They will have to work with customers, coworkers, buses, airlines, hotels and the university.
Drawback of our company because there will be many tedious tasks. One of the main drawbacks of our company
Many customers might be looking for the same types of trips during each season
There will be different kinds of work depending on the season, beginning of the year it will be lots of incoming students and their families, fall will be fans traveling to home and away football games, spring will be spring break trips, etc.
Identity Our employees will have a sense
of identity because they will be assigned
a customer to work with and they will
book the entire trip start to finish, keeping
in contact with the customer.

This will give them a sense of
accomplishment and they can see that
they have finished a “product.”
Autonomy They will be able to give customers
their personal recommendations
about planning their trip

Our employees will have a lot of
freedom in their work schedule, we will
let them request any times off they
need due to classes, exams or
extracurricular activities.
They get to see the direct significance to their work by how excited their customers are about planning a trip or

how happy their customers are about the trip they helped plan.
Compensation Bonuses Employee Recognition Conclusion Special Deals
Sports packages
Prospective student packages
Current student, alumni, faculty
FUN! Supervision Work Itself Variety High level of affective commitment Significance Promotions and Pay Possible Drawbacks Consistent winner of rewards
Other employees may be less motivated

One manager may be biased towards an employee
Equity theory
Monthly recognition
Most sales, least amount of days missed, best attitude
Rewarded with day off work and lunch with management
Year end celebration
Annual party for employees
Overall excellence for the year and team rewards
Goal setting theory
Monthly, period, and year-long goals
Lump-sum bonuses based on difficulty of goal

Long-term motivation
Periodic goals will keep employees motivated

Lump-sum bonuses

Recognition rewards

Gain sharing

Direction, intensity, and persistence
Compensation Bonuses Employee Recognition Motivation Cancun
Puerto Vallarta
Panama City
Miami Our employees will be satisfied with the amount of supervision they are recieving because they feel as though their manager is quite competent doing their job.
We will use 360 degree feedback so we will be aware of what our employees are doing.
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