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System Requirements Specification For leave Management Syste

No description

udeni silva

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of System Requirements Specification For leave Management Syste

System Requirements Specification For leave Management System
The Leave Management software aims at helping the user to address issues from multi- disciplinary angles related to Leave management and services. The major benefits of this software are :

1. It is a unique software which helps to organize event without any paperwork.

2. It has a wide variety of Modules. By just few clicks user can check the leave status, leave balance, notices and apply for and grant leave accordingly.

Below the SRS is divided into three main categories. They are Overall Description, Specific Requirement and Supporting Information which will give a clear knowledge about the way in which the systems will function.

The software requirements specified in this document is intended to describe the requirements to be met by the leave management system.
The intended audience of this document is employers and employees.
Product Functions

Information about the employee attendance.
Check for leave availability.
Maintain employee leave record.
Display notices.
Apply for leave.
Approve or reject leave application.

Product Perspective
It is aimed at replacing the tedious paper works that the companies or colleges currently use. The system will collect data and store it for fast and easy reference. The system will provide users with complete record of the attendance and leaves. It will also provide information about the leave balance (availability).The system is thus helpful to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records.

Use case
ER Diagram
User Characteristics

Primary users of the system will be employees working in company / staff, manager, HOD, Admin. Very little technical expertise is required for reading the outputted data since it is in graphical/tabular form. Educational level of LMS computer software – Low Experience of LMS software – None Technical Expertise – Little
Assumptions and Dependencies

Assume that all the information entered by the user will be correct. If any wrong information found then system will notify an alert. The system is required to save generated reports.
External Interfaces
Functional Requirements
System will keep Employee records.
System provides Information about the leave approval and leave availability.
Keep staff record.
Keep notices record.
Display leave history.
Non- functional requirements
Non-functional requirements define the needs in terms of performance, logical database requirements, design constraints, standards compliance, reliability, availability, security, maintainability, and portability.
Design Constraints
Report format:
Reports will be generated in two formats according to the request by the user. These formats include .docx and .pdf formats.
Languages which will be used in developing the system:
Software - java language
Database - SQL
Documentation - English (US)
Software System Attributes
Standards Compliance.
There shall be consistency in variable names within the system. The graphical user interface shall have a consistent look and feel.
Specify the factors required to establish the required reliability of the software system at time of delivery.
The system shall be available 24*7
The Leave Management System is being developed in Java. Java is an object oriented programming language and shall be easy to maintain.
The Leave Management System shall run in any Microsoft Windows environment that contains Java Runtime and the MySQL database.
Class diagram
Sequence diagram
Adding of swipe card recorder record
Creating of the attendance report
Creating of daily absentee report
Creating of the daily late report
Getting the early leave report
Generating leave report
Requesting leave
Viewing personal records
THANK YOU !!!!!!
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