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Chain of Infection of Cholera

No description

Tasmeem Raida

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Chain of Infection of Cholera

The Chain
of Infection
Cholera Susceptible hosts Portal of Entry Humans! The portal of entry is through
the mouth in contaminated
water or food. Causative Agent Vibrio cholerae If symptoms like vomiting, muscle cramp, or diarrhea(also known as rice water) occurs visit the doctor in order to break the chain. Reservoir The Aquatic Environment & Small Intestine Wash your hands regularly to help break the chain. Portal of Exit Feces The chain can be stopped if you wash your
hands after
using the restroom. Mode of Transmission Water or food prepared with water containing V. Cholerae. Proper food handling
can break the chain. Hand washing and eating home made food which has been handled properly can stop the bacteria from getting into you. Proper hygiene Good diet Plenty of Sleep Exercising All these can help you be
healthy and not become a
susceptible hosts.
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