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Flight Unit Grade 6 -Feb 13, 2012 Lesson

created by Ms. C

Laura Colton

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Flight Unit Grade 6 -Feb 13, 2012 Lesson

Forces Affecting Flight
and now... the properties of FLUIDS
forward motion
of the aircraft, usualy provided by the propeller or jet engine.
upward force
provided by the wings. Generally, the more thrust an airplane has, the more lift it generates.
force opposing
thrust. It works in much the same way as friction works to slow down moving objects.
downward pull
of the Earth's gravitational field.
The amount of gravity pulling on an object increases with the mass of an object.
4 forces in motion
When the forces of
thrust and lift
are greater than the forces of
gravity (weight) and drag
, then the aircraft will move forward and, with sufficant speed, lift off the ground to.......
A substance that flows and takes the shape of its container.
A Fluid...
the molecules begin to move more rapidly, stretching the bonds that hold the molecules together. Fluids
when they are heated.
is applied to a fluid...
the molecules begin to move more slowly. Fluid
when it is cooled.
When a fluid is
Experiment One:
What happened when you placed the glass upside down into the bowl of water?
Why did this happen?
and exerts pressure.
Air takes up space...
Air and Water are both FLUIDS.
Hot water on bottom
Cold water on top
4 pop bottles, hot & cold water, food colouring, 1 index card.
Cold water on bottom
Hot water on top
Motion of fluids at different temperatures
What else does this explain?
Fluids are effected by changes in temperature.
what happened to the contents of the container when the hot water and cold water were added?
What does this explain about

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