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Dr Apple

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Strawberries

Strawberries O_o
In this prezi we will be telling you about strawberries how they grow ,questions, parts of the a strawberry and fun facts. and what type of dirt strawberries like.
Parts of the strawberry plant
The most important part of the strawberry is the crown witch is found just above the root system and if you plant it in the soil it will die. Runners are sprouts that come out of the strawberry to grow more strawberry plants. Strawberries don't like a lot of water that's why they are grown in the summer .

how are strawberries 98% water when it feels so solid
what is the most common strawberry?
how are white strawberries sweet?
what is the lowest temperature for strawberries to grow?
what is the highest temperature for strawberries to grow?
how does billy get all of his strawberries to scotts strawberry safely?
if strawberries don't like to much water then how are they 98% water?
By Nick and Tosh -__-
What type of soil do strawberries like
strawberries like soil that is in between 6.3 and 6.5 p.h level that means that the like acidic soil.


Scott's strawberries plant 120000 per year.
you should water often when the strawberries start to swell.
put broken egg shells, grit or coffee grounds around the plant to stop snails.
The main part that you have to take the most care of is the crown.
strawberries need to be picked as soon as they are ready.
strawberries like to have a row gap of 60 and a column gap of 30
there are lots of different types of strawberries but we only have 12.

Photosynthesis is the process of taking carbon dioxide and water to make oxygen.
What strawberry tools does Mr scott use?
Mr scott uses a tool that look like a torcher device that he uses to put holes in the polythene and they use a putting knife to also put holes and help with the planting.
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