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Black Student Union

No description

Annika Wolters

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Black Student Union

Black Student Union
No steering announcements
Joint meeting with the Korean Student Union 4:30 p.m. VU 565 next Thursday
Thanksgiving Dinner at Taleia's house 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov 21.
Announcements from members?
Rainbow Colored
Dark Girls: on YouTube
Thank you for coming! Bring your friends :)
Post what YOU want.
Do you you consider yourself a certain shade? How do other people see you?

Do you like/dislike your coloring?

Has anyone ever complimented you on the color of your skin? How did you feel?

Do you have opinions of other shades?

Do other shades have opinions on yours?

This week in Black history:
Voting on themes:
My Black is ______
The Journey that Never Ends
TBE in me: The Black Experience in me
Please vote for your favorite ONE!
Brought to you by Alex Bain
Colorism: color-based discrimination within one race. Why?
BSU Board meetings:
7 p.m. Monday AW 203
All members welcome
Can't get enough?
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