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Siege of Bastogne

No description

Patrick Burke

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Siege of Bastogne

Here is something small... Siege of Bastogne An Example: 30 Major Facts The Biggest and longest fight in the Battle of the Buldge was at Bastogne. Bastogne was vital to both the Americans and the Germans
(The Battle of the Buldge was the last major battle of WWII)

54,000 Well Equipped Germans attacked 11,000 poorly supplied Americans.

Many say this was the toughest battle in WWII. Germans gave Americans numerous chances to surrender.
Americans replied with the answer of 'NUTS!!" Allied control of Bastogne was a major obstacle to the German armored advance, German commander split his forces and attacked northern section.
After failing moved attacked southern section.
Allied troops rushed majority of forces to defend each section just before being attacked. and the morale of Allied forces elsewhere on the Western Front was boosted by news of the stubborn defense of the besieged town
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