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Copy of Underage Drinking

No description

Addison Bonacio

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking
By: Addison Bonacio

Drinking underage is not great for a teen to be doing. This is because the teen or child is not yet matured so they may abuse the amount of alcohol they consume.
Risky Behavior and Alcohol Abuse
Teens find it fun to get drunk with their friends, while it is actually very dangerous and could possibly ruin your life. Things like drunken driving accidents, rape, and violent crimes could all happen from being drunk, this could effect your life.
Parents letting their children drink underage
Parents want to be known as the "cool parents" so they let their child have parties were there is alcohol allowed. But the parent may be letting the child think that its okay for them to do other things like smoke, skip school or drop out of school. Also the children at these parties could hurt themselves as well as others around them.
Teaching your child to drink responsibly
By teaching your child to make wise choices at an early age could prevent them from giving into the peer pressure and making the right choice.
Underage drinking has been becoming a bigger problem throughout the years and children should be disciplined if they are doing it.
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