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final project


janneth minchala

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of final project

JAnneth MInchala I I was born in Ecuador in a nice small city on October 30th 1989. I am the youngest one of 8 children. I love animals and I have a big cat and a little dog that always make me laugh. I studied business administration in Ecuador for three years and moved to the United States just 4 months ago. I always liked to learn new languages and I learned English three years ago when I lived for 6 months in New York. Then I went back to Ecuador and I have not been using my English for three years. I understand English but it is a little difficult for me to talk. Right now I am studying and planning to finish my career. “MY ROOM” that was the title for my descriptive paper. In it I described my bed room, how it look like, what things I could see in it, how it made me feel and all the things I liked about it. It was an easy paper for me because I know my room so well. I could express all my feelings about it. It was really easy for my to write down the ideas I wanted to share but It was a little difficult the orthography. I enjoyed writing this paper and it put me back to work, on my writing skills.
DeScRiPtIvE pApEr:
I enjoyed writing my Narrative paper because I told a story that happened to me some time ago. It made me remember experiences that had taught me important things. I had a lot of ideas in my mind and that made a little difficult for me to write them down correctly. However, many corrections in that paper were really useful for my following work.
ThE NaRrAtIvE pApEr:
In this paper I chose to write about "Adulthood" that I think is a very important topic and easy to talk about. I found good information about it in the internet and tried to put all that info in my own words. The only problem I had was to made it three pages long. Anyway I liked writing this paper.
ThE dEfInItIoN pApEr: Writing about the cause and effect of the “Lack of communication in a relationship” was fun because for this paper I wrote a story I remembered from my teacher. That story use to make us laugh. I found interesting how a funny fact could be used in such a serious topic. I had a problem writing this paper, and it was that I was not sure if telling the story in past tense or present.
The CaUsE/eFfEcT pApEr: This paper was the most difficult to me because I had no idea what to write. Finally I chose to write about the early astronauts and Christopher Columbus. However it was difficult to make it long and it took me a lot of time.
ThE cOmPaRe CoNtRaSt PaPeR:
I wrote about the spiritual energies which I believe are part of our life. I shared my point of view about it and also some stories I have lived. I found this topic kind of easy because I have a clear idea of what I believe, but, because I made it kind of personal I hesitated at first how to share my ideas with the class. Then, after writing this paper I found ou it was not that bad to share some of my opinions with other people.
ThIs I BeLiEvE pApEr:
The things I really would like to know more is the correct use of some words and how to structure properly some sentences. My advise to others who will take this course would be just to write about topics they enjoy and things they know. That will make it easier for them to write more without problems.
CoUrSe WrAp Up
English 103
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