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The Disciplinary Boundary of

No description

Andy Shi

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Disciplinary Boundary of

The Disciplinary Boundary of
Canadian Identity After 9/11:
Civilizational Identity
Multiculturalism, and
the challenges of anti-
Imperialist Feminism

Clash of Civilization

-Huntington's thesis, 1996, Western Civilization vs Others
-Fukuyama, 1989 ,"End of history",
Liberal democracy is only choice of political model.
3 Elements of Reconfiguration
1, Renew of racialized myth in Canada
2, An emphasis on American imperialism
3, Western identity entails cultural superiority over others.
A Slight Retreat From the U.S.
-After the Iraq war, Canadian media distanced itself from U.S. empire as it became delegitimized. However, their main logic is left unchallenged.
Anti-Imperialist Feminist Perspective
Thobani's view challenged the new rising status quo which is a monolithic political system with high disciplinary nature. The radicalized nature of this system endangers the emancipation of those oppressed in all social categories.
Post 9/11 Context
-The attack was saw as an assault to the west civilization. Huntington's view was saw as insightful. However, this redefined Canadian identity as Western. i.e, An extension of the U.S. hegemony.
Reconfiguration of the Canadian Identity
The redefinition lead to the re-whitening of the Canadian identity, after decades of multi-cultrualism. A shift from a liberal stance to a one of right wing ignorance.
Thobani's speech
On Oct 1, 2001, Thobani addressed the hypocrisy of american imperialism and warned the wider society of the danger of increased militarization and warfare. She was attacked viciously by the right wing media.
"No emancipation of woman anywhere until the western domination of this planet ends"
The Precarious Minority
-Hage, The immigrant who acquire the citizenship is lesser than those who are born with it. Thus, they have to act "nationally" in order to prove themselves."
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