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Joseph Loven Sacote

on 19 June 2014

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If the guest indicates that the bill is to be sent to a private address, the guest should be referred to the following officers for disposition:
* Front Office Manager *Night Duty Manager
*Credit/Finance Manager
For the billing of guests guaranteed by an airline or travel agency, the following procedures apply:
D. Commercial Accounts with Credit Line
B. Private Individuals ( Non-Cardholders)
C. Airline and Travel Agency Accounts
1. A service/accommodation Voucher shall be presented and submitted to the Desk Clerk. If it is submitted and the guest is checking out already, the matter shall be immediately referred to any of the following:
*Front Office Manager *Night Duty Manager
*Credit Manager
who will make disposition. If any of these officers will authorize the check-out, said officer will indicate his signature on the guest folio.
2. For airline companies booking lay-over passengers, the Front Office will request passengers to submit the Passenger Service order or Accommodation Voucher at check-in time which shall be attached to the guest folio. Without said documents, the account shall be considered personal account and will be payable upon check-out.
3. For Airline diverted/delayed flights, the Desk Clerk, upon receipt of the manifest, shall indicate therein the room number assigned to the passengers and the amount that they can change as agreed upon with the Airline. The Desk Clerk shall prepare the following:
a. Copies of manifest with necessary information and furnish the following:
i) All outlets
ii) FO Cashier/Night Auditors
iii) Credit and Collection Office/Finance
b. Master folio of Room and Food Charges
The "Charge to" portion in guest folio shall indicate the proper billing instructions, the name of the airline and the amount authorized by the airlines for room rate and food.
Desk Clerk shall daily inform the passengers regarding the arrangement made between the hotel and the airline especially with regard to the mode of payment of beverage which shall be strictly CASH BASIS.
1. The letter of authorization to charge the company concerned must state the items or expenses to be charged such as room only or it may include meals, LAUNDRY, LONG DISTANCE ETC. OR ALL HOTEL CHARGES. If the letter of authorization is presented upon registration (or before check-in) the Desk Clerk should/must always verify the authenticity of the letter by calling the company.
PHP 20.00
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A. Walk-ins/Cash Clients
Billing and Credit Policies for Various Accounts
1. Special billing means that all or a portion of a guest charges are to be billed or charged to a particular person or firm. The amount to be billed may be all his charges or just room charges.
1. Guest who are walk-ins,without luggage or with advance reservation without prior credit arrangements shall be required to make deposit equivalent to the duration of their stay and the room shall be put on CASH BASIS, i.e no signing privileges for all outlets, laundry, telephone charges. For purposes of determining if a guest has luggage or none, more than two (2) baggage's are considered luggage.
2. Guests with no prior credit arrangement but who are repeat guests may be asked for partial deposit but a reminder letter shall be sent to them from time to time.
3. For Guests considered as walk-in with luggage, place the notation "walk-in with luggage" on the registration card and guest folio. Pre-payment or deposit may not be required but account shall be closely monitored by Front Office Manager and Credit Manager.
2. When reservation is being made, the charges are to be billed to a person or a firm with an existing credit account in the hotel, the caller must be told to send a letter of authorization before the arrival of the guest. This authorization letter simply state that the guest has been authorized to book under the said account (company or individual). It must also specify what charges are covered - whether all charges including laundry, telephone, restaurant, etc. or only a segment like rooms only with the rest of charges billed to guest.
3. If a reservation is a guaranteed reservation from an individual, group or company, the reserving party shall be asked to pay pre-payment or deposit, usually one day (if booking is for 2 days) or full amount if one day use. Some allow 50% deposit of all estimated room charges. Likewise the company, individual or group that makes the guarantee shall put in writing in the form of a letter to the hotel that they will answer for all charges or some charges (letter must mention what is guaranteed and what is not covered).
Some hotels are open to extending credit/signing privilege to individual or companies. this is called a commercial account. The procedure is for the company to submit to the hotel a credit application (form is provided by the hotel). The application is assessed and processed by the Credit or Finance department. They usually make a credit investigation to determine the paying capacity of the applicant and to verify if said applicant does have bad credit record. if this is ascertained, a credit line is extended to the applicant. Specimen of signatures of authorized signatoties are taken.
When a guest is being booked under a commercial account in the hotel, the company, through its authorized signatory is required to submit a letter of authorization which states that they are authorizing the guest to book under the company account.
2. If upon reservation, it was ascertained that the client is a guest of a company which has an approved credit line and the reservation is made thru the company concerned, the letter of authorization must be available before or upon check in and not later than the check out time.
3. Once it is noted in the letter of authorization that the guaranteed payment covers the entire hotel bill or only for specific charges, the guest should be notified. If some charges are not covered, the guest should be asked politely how settlement of these charges will be made.
4. If the letter of authorization is not yet forwarded to the Reservation/Front Office and the guest is checking out already, the matter should be immediately referred to any of the following:
* General/ Operations Manager *Night Duty Manager
*Front Office Manager/Supervisor *Credit Manager
who will make disposition. If any of theses officers will authorize the check-out the officer will indicate his signature on the guest folio.
1. So as not to be confused on how much cash was received, place bill or bills lengthwise across the register until the end of transaction. This practice is also a safeguard against guest who may intentionally try to confuse you.
2. Count out change from the amount owed to the peso or dollar amount given to you by the guest. For example, if the guest charges are P 1632, and the guest pay with P 1650, you should count out the change beginning with the change of P 1632 and ascend by coin or bill amount to P 1650.
Many electronic cash registers today will calculate change for you.
However, it's still a good idea to make a guest reassured to have his or her change counter back the "old-fashioned" way.
3. Traveler's checks, cashier's checks and money order must be handled with care. When in doubt, obtain approval from the management. Be sure to get the guest's signature on the check or money order as well as the data on the guests driver's license or appropriate ID. Record the amount and the check or money order number on the guest folio.
4. Mark on the guest folio that the bill was paid in cash. Then time-stamp and give a receipt to the guest.
1. Desk Clerk and Front Office Cashier should verify the credit card if it is in the name of the guest and has not yet expired nor has been canceled or suspended.

2. If the card has not expired, check the cancellation bulletin to make sure the card is not stolen or otherwise invalid.

The hotel must keep a file of all expired cancellation bulletins in case a dispute occurs between the credit card company and the hotel. These bulletins can be used later to prove that a card number did not appear in a bulletin on the disputed date.

3. Know the credit limit of the card owner as allowed by his/her credit card company. The credit limit is the maximum amount allowed for
consumption by the credit card company to the cardholder without the special authorization.If the amount to be charged appears to exceed the credit limit, the credit card company should be contacted to approve the transaction.

4. If the card presented is cut, damaged or mutilated. Do not honor Card.
If the Front Office Cashier is suspicious of the card that it might be counterfeit or stolen, the cashier should immediately call the credit card company and verify the status of the card.

5. If the card is approved, imprint the card on the correct credit card voucher and fill it out properly. Remember to obtain the guest's signature. Compare the signature to the voucher with the signature on the credit card.
6. Legibly imprint the embossed data from the card and from merchant plate on the machine on the Sales Slip by using the imprinter.

7. Front Office cashier should require the cardholder to sign the Sales Slip in his presence. he should compare the signature on the sales slip with authorized signature on the card to determine if they match. If the signature is in order, he should detach the cardholder's copy and give the original and completed copy of the sales slip to the cardholder.
1. Every day, the Mini - Bar runners/ attendants together with the Floor Supervisor checks all the rooms of any mini bar consumption of guests and record the quantity and cost of consumption in a sales voucher.
2. The Mini - Bar runner shall fill up the mini - bar guest check voucher with the items consumed in every room. He also indicates the room number, name of guest, time when the checking is done and finally indicates/signs his name. If the guest is around, he is requested to acknowledge-sign the said voucher.
3. Priority must be given to rooms of FIT's (foreign individual tourists) who are due for check out the next day (except those with DND, DL (double lock). Checking is done as early as 9:00 a.m. to avoid late charges.
4. The Front Office Cashier must advise the mini - bar attendant or Roomboy to check the consumption of a guest who has paid his/her bill ahead of check out time. The later will then proceed immediately to the said room, check the consumption and submit the accomplished voucher to the cashier.
5. In rooms that are occupied by guest who are due for check out within the day, the mini bar attendant shall indicate "due out" on the guest check or voucher to avoid double charging of guest. These are needed for verification of late charges so as to avoid possible disputes.
6. For Airline Crew/Tour groups
a. Mini bar runner will identify wake up, baggage down and check out time of the crew or group through the rooming list or final arrangement sheet.
b. The room attendant will knock and check consumption within 30 minutes after the wake up call.
c. If room is with "Do not Disturb", double lock sign, Room attendant will report this to his/her floor supervisor.
d. Floor Supervisor or the mini bar runner himself will call up the guest and ask permission to check on the mini - bar and say:
"Good Morning Sir/Madame, I understand you will be checking out shortly. May we request permission o check your mini - bar so that we can include your consumption in your bill. Thank you".
7. In the case of guest on cash basis, some hotels make it a policy to charge a deposit which is equivalent to the total amount of mini - bar items inside his/her room upon check-in. This amount shall be credited for the guest's mini bar and other consumption or refunded if there are no mini bar charges. If the guest refuses to pay the amount, the Front Office cashier shall inform the Floor supervisor who will advise the mini bar attendant to pull out the mini bar in the room. Some hotel play safe by not installing mini bar when the guest is on cash basis. This policy is being done to avoid unpaid mini bar consumption especially for "cash basis" guests who check out without passing through the front desk.
8. During early check-out, anytime before 7 a.m wherein a mini bar attendant is not available, the bellman, floor security officer, and Front Office Cashier maybe asked to do the billing in the following manner:
a. Bellman will accomplish Mini Bar Receipt and brings it to the Front Office Cashier while servicing a particular check-out guest.
b. Floor security officer informs Front Office Cashier and Duty Manager of guest check-out, in case no bellman was called or available.
c. Front Office Cashier should not stamp the errand card "paid" if the mini bar consumption has not been cleared.
9. When mini bar attendant is not available, the roomboy or room attendant on duty will be responsible for possible check-out guest.
10. Front Office Cashier can politely check with the guest (about to check out) about his mini bar consumption.
"Have you consumed any item from the mini - bar Sir/Madame?"
"Would you be going back to your room Sir/Madame?" if yes say: "Sir may we have our Mini bar attendant to attend your mini - bar need and accompany you down to settle your final bill? Thank you, Sir."
1. The Supervisor itemizes the sales of each mini - bar item based on the triplicate voucher against the balance of the par stock of mini-bar trolley.
2. The Mini bar runner shall request the Front
Office Cashier to print a
sales transaction list and
edit the data.
NOTE: The original copy and duplicate copy of the sales voucher shall be forwarded to the Front Office Cashier, The third copy shall be for file of Housekeeping for counter checking the transaction list in order to see whether all the guest checks were entered into the computer.
1. Check first with management if the check will be accepted and what checks are allowed and not allowed.
2. Be sure checks are made payable to the hotel, not to "cash".
3. Get management approval for second and third party check.
4. Record the amount, date, and number of each check at the back of guest registration card.
5. Do not accept post dated checks.
6. Do not refund cash from a transaction made by check.
7. Require person paying in check for proper identification like company ID, passport and driver's license. Write ID/passport numbers on check.
8. Encashment of checks should never be allowed.
All rights reserved @ JLPS
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