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Bernard Williams: The Self and the Future

No description

Sara Elsharif

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Bernard Williams: The Self and the Future

Bernard Williams: The Self and the Future
By; Brianna Vera, Erick Marquez, Maricela Carrillo, Sara Elsharif, and Summer Gray
Williams Points out the outcome to experiment 1;
Body A person is to receive $100,000 and Body B will receive torture.
Body A is pleased to know that they will get the money.
Thus meaning that a subjects concerns about what happens to his/her body is f no concern as long as they are not occupying them.
This brings forth a philosophical argument that bodily continuity is at least a necessary condition of personal identity.
Its suggesting that one identifies oneself with ones memory and not ones body.
Freaky Friday
In the movie Freaky Friday a mother and a teen daughter receive a mysterious fortune. Waking up the next day,the two find that they are no longer in their own bodies. They are now in each others bodies. Having no idea at all how they switched bodies, the mom and daughter being to look for a solution to their problem.The mother and the teen daughter could not be more different so it makes the situation very difficult for them.
This relates to Williams Experiment by:
"Exchanged bodies"
A and B
By means of extraction device have some of their memories transferred into one another bodies.
The result is Body A has the memories of Body B and Body B has the memories of Body A.
The Catch
1. Both subjects are told that one of them will be tortured while the other will be paid $100,000 but they don't know which of these will happen to them.

2. The subjects both state that they don't really care what happens to their bodies as long as they are not in them.

3. This now poses the question on whether it is okay or not to put another individual in pain for financial gain?
Freaky Friday relates to Williams experiment because it is a visual representation on what this situation would actually look like if it were to happen. Another reason it is similar is because by the end of the movie, the mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the daughter (Lindsay Lohan) have found a new respect and understanding for one other and their lives. Since they now have experienced it first hand.
Experiment 2:
Body A was told he was going to be tortured but once the torture was over he would have no recollection ever being told he was going to get tortured.
his past recollections will come from Body B but they have have no memory of this either.
This experiment brings forth the fear of physical pain that of A
It illustrates that A's fear does not go away.
william notes, that A undergoing physical pain in the future is not excluded by any psychological state that they may encounter in the future.

"A" body person is fearful for A william argues that "A" fear of pain, which is brought though anticipated psychological changes of "A" it is also brought to the later "A" body person.

contrary to the first experiment it suggests that bodily continuity is a necessary condition of personal identity.
To Wrap it Up
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