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beauty and the beast

book report

Rachel Peters

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of beauty and the beast

Beauty and
the Beast Twice Upon A Time: The Only One Who
Didn't Run Away By: Wendy Mass Summary That's what you expect a fairy tale to begin with, don't you? Once upon a time: hence, one side, one story. Wendy Mass's Twice Upon A Time series gives a twist to the classic fairy tales we've all heard growing up: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty And The Beast, and Rapunzel.
But in all this bad luck, she strikes some good and is invited to go on a quest with Handsome and a mysterious white-haired little girl, Veronica. Meanwhile, Riley's had a adventure of his own. While traveling to a ball, he gets turned into a beast by a witch, and the rest of the royal family gets turned invisible. Can Riley break his curse before it's to late? In this wild and funny book, you'll see things from both of their points of view, also seeing how Riley's invisible family plays a part in all this, how the witch was stopped, and finding answers for both Riley and Beauty, along with answers for other characters we encounter along the way! Wendy Mass is an award winning author as well as, personally, one of my favorite authors. I have enjoyed reading her books. She captures the essence of each character to show their personalities and feelings. She is a very inspiring author and I hope you can enjoy her books as much as I do. She lives with her family in New Jersey. Thank you! Presentation by Rachel Peters The 3 major themes in my book were a little
tricky to figure out, but the ones I found are
life lessons that apply to everyone. *Major Themes* The 3rd theme in my book is to NEVER GIVE UP. Even when it seemed like there was no hope left for Beauty and Riley, they found a light in all the darkness around them. They didn't give up on their hopes and dreams, as no one should! Even though many books have this theme, mine compares it to fairy tale situations as well as real life situations. Both Riley and Beauty realize that even though things are bad, things can only get better! The 2nd theme is that family is worth more than all the riches in the world..... A common theme throughout the book, we see this concerning Veronica's family, Flavian's daughter, Beauty's family and Riley's family as well. The 1st of my 3 themes is that appearances can be deceiving. During my book, Prince Riley gets turned into a beast by a witch, and Beauty might not be beautiful on the outside, but as they both discover that appearances aren't everything, and that true beauty is on the inside. My book is very interesting with a twist to a classic tale. I can't force you to read it, true, but if you do, I assure you wont be disappointed! We've all heard the story of Beauty and the Beast, right? A beautiful girl asks her father to bring her a single rose back from his trip, he picks flower, beast finds out, captures father. Girl rescues her father by trading his freedom for hers, the beast and girl fall in love, she kisses him, he turns into a human, they live happily ever after, right? Well, not quite. Beauty may be her name, but in her opinion,(and her entire village's,) she's not really as pretty as you might think. Prince Riley, on the other hand, is neither handsome nor princely. Science is his game, but he can barely mix chemicals without blowing up his lab with a huge explosion. He is also being forced to attend balls with his brother, aka the show-off future king, which he hates. Beauty doesn't have good luck either. First her house burns down, then she meets the love of her life, Handsome, (yes that's his real name, though he's not that handsome) only to find out he's engaged.
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