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How physics relates to soccer

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jaideep brar

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of How physics relates to soccer

Soccer is much more than just kicking a ball and trying to get it in a net. There is much more behind what tactics and movements you use to achieve your goals, in this case your goal is the get the ball in the net. Today we will be exploring what really happens between the ball, the field and you.
Newtons third law of physics:
For every action there is an opposite reaction
Force occurs when one body pushes against another
The second body pushes back just as hard
when you kick a soccer ball really hard, it will come back just as hard
"you cant touch without being touched
Newtons first law of physics: Inertia
states that and object at rest will stay at rest and any object in motion will tend to move
Force examples:gravity, wind or anything that moves
When you kick a ball you use your leg muscles to move and kick the ball
Friction and gravity slows the ball down and eventually stops the ball
How physics relates to soccer
How soccer relates to physics
Newtons second law of physics: Velocity
F=ma (force=mass acceleration)
The ball has mass and needs force to be accelerated
If the ball has less mass it needs less force and vice versa
This is important to remember because if you want the ball to go in a certain direction, you need to add a certain amount of force
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