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The Fault in Our Stars

Novel unit guide for John Green's book "The Fault in Our Stars"

Evelyn Hart

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 136-154.

1. How many suitcases can Hazel and her mom take?
2. What time was Hazel’s flight?
3. What was Hazel’s “Travel to Amsterdam” outfit?
4. For what does Hazel feel kind of bad?
5. What kind of shirt did Augustus wear?
6. What is a form of oppression?
7. What is Augustus going to get before they leave?
8. Where did Augustus get his burger?
9. What is the worst part about having cancer?
10. What metaphor is prohibited on the flight?
11. What was adorable?
12. What was the second movie Hazel and Augustus watched?
13. What poem is Hazel reading?
14. What does Augustus confess to Hazel?
15. What couldn’t Hazel say to Augustus?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 114-128

1. What situation did the Cancer Team Meeting discuss?
2. Who led the meeting?
3. Why don’t the doctors “really understand the long term effects” of Phalanxifor?
4. What did Hazel’s mom sob into Hazel’s Dad’s chest?
5. What’s a recipe for disaster?
6. What did Hazel and her parents watch in her room?
7. What did Hazel start muttering over and over again?
8. Why was Hazel crying?
9. What is ninety percent of the problem?
10. Who did Hazel give the swing set to?
11. What did Augustus sneak?
12. How long did Hazel sleep?
13. Who did Hazel receive an email from?
14. What news did Hazel’s mom have for her from Dr. Maria?
15. If Hazel stays alive for just one week, what will she know?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 91-113.

1. What show was Hazel’s mom watching?
2. What did Hazel keep replaying in her head?
3. What did Hazel find herself worrying about?
4. Who did Hazel text to ask for advice about her boy problem?
5. What did Caroline Mathers die of?
6. What is Hazel working on for school?
7. Why is Hazel like a grenade?
8. What is Augustus’ favorite band?
9. What did Gus (Augustus) call Caroline?
10. Why didn’t Caroline go home on Thursday? (INFERENCE)
11. Why does Hazel tense up when Augustus touches her?
12. What is a flirty word?
13. What time did Hazel wake up? What happened to her?
14. What would Hazel been happy to do?
15. Where did Hazel wake up at?
16. Who is Hazel’s nurse?
17. What caused Hazel’s headache?
18. Who has been sitting in the waiting room?
19. How many days did it take for Hazel to get home?
20. What is the good news that Augustus has? What is the bad news?
21. Who wrote to Augustus again?
22. Who does Peter van Houten quote in his letter?
23. Why does Hazel want to call Dr. Maria?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 76-90.

1. What is does Isaac wish didn’t happen sometimes?
2. What flowers did Hazel buy? How much did they cost?
3. Who finally replied to Hazel?
4. Why don’t Hazel’s parents have any money?
5. What is The Genie Foundation?
6. What did Hazel use her wish for? How old was she?
7. What type of flowers does Augustus give to Hazel?
8. What is one of the benefits of NOT smoking?
9. What will Augustus do with his Genie wish?
10. When will Augustus and Hazel leave for their trip? When will they come back?
11. What does Hazel always say to boys who finance her international travel?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 64-75.

1. For how long did Hazel not speak to Augustus?
2. How many times did Hazel attend college classes that week?
3. Where did Hazel’s mom and dad meet?
4. What is another side effect of dying?
5. What was the only constellation Hazel could recognize?
6. What does Hazel like about the book An Imperial Affliction?
7. Who responded back to Augustus?
8. What did Hazel spend the next two hours doing?
9. What was Augustus’ ex-girlfriend’s name?
10. When was Augustus’ last kiss?
11. What happened to Caroline Mathers?
12. What will be Hazel and Augustus’ always?
13. What does NEC stand for?
14. What happened to Isaac after surgery?
15. Why did Hazel look at Isaac’ hand?
16. How long were Isaac and Monica together?
17. What does Isaac believe in?
18. According to Isaac, how long should true love last?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 48-63.

1.What did Hazel read for the millionth time?
2.What is An Imperial Affliction (AIA) about?
3.How does the book An Imperial Affliction end?
4.Who did Hazel write to? Why?
5.What kept distracting Hazel while she was reading?
6.How many pages is An Imperial Affliction?
7.What page is Augustus on?
8.What was new to Hazel?
9.Who was sobbing in the background when Hazel called Augustus?
10.What is not one of Hazel’s favorite pastimes?
11.What video game are Augustus and Isaac playing?
12.Why is Isaac sobbing?
13.What didn’t Isaac’s girlfriend Monica want to do?
14.According to Isaac, what is love?
15.What did Isaac start kicking?
16.What does Isaac grab from the shelf to break?
17.How does Augustus feel about basketball?
18.What does pain demand to be?

Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 38-47.

1. What did Hazel stay up late doing?
2. Who is the protagonist, main character, of An Imperial Infliction?
3. What does Hazel call her oxygen concentrator?
4. What is so special about March 29th?
5. What class did Hazel attend?
6. Who is Hazel meeting at the mall?
7. What did Hazel purchase at the bookstore?
8. What fake accent did Kaitlyn have?
9. Why didn’t Kaitlyn wear open-toed shoes?
10. What is dysmorphia?
11. What did Hazel buy from the shoe store?
12. What always hurt Hazel?
13. What does the little girl in the mall ask Hazel? What does Hazel let her do?

Using CONTEXT CLUES, come up with a working defintion for the following words:
1. affliction
2. maternal
3. demented
4. maximization
5. consecutively
6. hue
7. socialite
8. edible
9. disheveled
1o. dysmorphia
11. fatigue
12. incessantly
13. infinite
14. interactions
15. glaringly
Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 22-37.

1. How many times did Augustus fail his driving test?
2. Why has Augustus failed the driving test so many times?
3. What are Cancer Perks?
4. What school does Augustus attend? What grade is he in?
5. What type of cancer does Hazel have?
6. Who is Maria? What did she manage to do?
7. What drug/medicine has worked for Hazel?
8. Why can’t Hazel go back to high school?
9. What are Encouragements?
10. Why doesn’t Hazel eat meat?
11. What sport did Augustus use to play?
12. What movie are Hazel and Augustus going to watch?
13. What is something Hazel likes?
14. What is Hazel’s favorite book? Who is the author?
15. What book does Augustus tell Hazel to read?
16. What did Hazel try to imagine?
17. When will Hazel call Augustus?
18. Where did Augustus write his phone number?

Using CONTEXT CLUES, come up with a working defintion for the following words:
1. keenly
2. astonished
3. perpetually
4. embellishing
5. aura
6. festooned
7. calibrated
8. inherently
9. interjected
1o. disheartening
11. pretentious
12. zeal
13. suffice
14. repulses
15. endearing
Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 3-21.

1. Why did the main character’s mother think she was depressed?
2. What is one of the side effects of cancer?
3. What did Doctor Jim prescribe for the main character?
4. Where and when did the cancer support group meet?
5. Who is the support group leader?
6. What is the main character’s name? How old is she?
7. What is the only redeeming facet of support group?
8. How do Hazel and Isaac communicate?
9. Who did Hazel meet on Wednesday?
10. Why did Hazel go to support group?
11. Why does Hazel have an oxygen tank?
12. What will happen to Isaac in a couple of weeks?
13. What does Augustus fear?
14. What is the mantra of the support group?
15. How did Augustus “ruin the whole thing”?
16. What is a hamartia?
17. What is Augustus a big believer in?
18. What did Hazel choose to do instead of watching episodes of ANTM?

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green's most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love. (www.penguin.com)

The Fault in Our Stars
By John Green

Read, read, READ all about it!
Synopsis of The Fault in Our Stars
Chapter 1 - pp. 3-21

Directions: Create a FOLDABLE with the FOLLOWING vocabulary words below. You will use a DICTIONARY to:
1. FIND the PART of SPEECH of each word.
2. DEFINE each word.
3. Create an
sentence using the word.
4. Draw a SYMBOL/PICTURE that represents the meaning of the word.

a. presumably
b. abundant
c. veritably
d. decrepit
e. meager
f. redeeming
g. facet
h. peril
i. myriad
j. remission
k. oblivion
l. reclusive

Chapter 2 pp. 22-37
Chapter 3 pp. 38 - 47
Chapter 5 pp. 64 - 90
Chapter 6 & 7 pp. 91-113
English I/Reading I
Ms. Evelyn Marie Hart-Benavides
Sam Houston MSTC 2013-2014
"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."
-- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
1. Set a
for reading.

the text.

3. Activate

4. Make
The 5 P's!
- Why do you have to read this?
What will you gain?
What is expected?

- Title, pictures, headings,
graphics, bold-faced print, etc.

- What do you already know?

- What do you think this story is about?
What do you think might happen?
What will happen to the characters?
What are some possible conflicts?
What are some possible themes?

Why are we READING TFinOS?
What can we gain?
What will we learn?
What will be expected while I am reading this book?
What can we INFER from the:
The front, back and spine -

Based on our PREVIEW, what do we ALREADY know?
What do we NEED to know?
What would we like to know?
What do you think this book about? Why?
What do you think might happen?
Who do you think the character will be?
What will happen to them?
What are some possible CONFLICTS?
What are some possible THEMES?

The Fault in Our Stars Book Trailer
What do you think this QUOTATION from the book means?

What are the KEY WORDS that help you understand its meaning?

How could this QUOTATION apply to the book?

How could this apply to YOUR life?

"Some infinities are bigger than others infinities." - J. Green
John Green Says What?
In your group, create a writing with visuals that answers/explains the following questions.
What does a GOOD READER do?

So WHAT do you ALREADY know?
On your OWN sheet of paper, write down the FIRST thing that comes to MIND about the following words:
So what do you think all these things have to do with the book?

1. Identifies
. (C--->E)
2. Finds the
3. Looks for
4. Makes
5. Thinks about
6. Uses
7. Makes
9. Makes

10. Distinguishes
. FvsO
While You Read Questions #1
Mood vs Tone
is how the AUTHOR feels about what he/she is writing or speaking about.

is about how the piece makes you, the READER, feel.

Making Inferences
Identifying MOOD and TONE in TFinOS
Using your TEXT and your Mood/Tone word list, FILL in the graphic organizer for Mood/Tone. You must list THREE words for MOOD and THREE words for TONE. You will support your words with TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.
Chapter 1 Think-Aloud
Using Chapter 1 from The Fault in Our Stars, you will FILL in the SENTENCE STEMS.
Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Context Clues
Using CONTEXT CLUES, you will come up with a definition for the words in Chapter 1. You will also FIND two words that are unfamilar and do the same.
MainIdea and Events
Chapter 1 Log
Now that you have finished reading Chapter 1, you will complete your Chapter log. You will fill in the LOG with 5-7 MAIN EVENTS. Always write in COMPLETE SENTENCES.
Chapter 1 Quiz
Using a PENCIL and a SCANTRON, complete your QUIZ. You have 20 minutes. Good luck!
The THEME of a literary work is its DOMINANT idea. Most good fiction writers hope that their readers will think about their work, relate it to their own personal experience, and in that way widen their understanding of people and life in general.

and/or MORAL.
There are many THEMES in Green's The Fault in Our Stars. Some of the DOMINANT MESSAGES/BIG IDEAS are LOVE and DEATH. However there are many more. With your PARTNER, BRAINSTORM how what you've read so far supports/reinforces the FOLLOWING themes.
THEME in The Fault in Our Stars...
Before, During, After...
While You Read Questions #2
is made up of FACTS, STATEMENTS or visuals that
something or
a conclusion. Answer the QUESTIONS below in COMPLETE SENTENCES:
In what situations, have you used EVIDENCE to PROVE a point?
How does having EVIDENCE help you out when you're trying to prove a point?
Does strong EVIDENCE always convince others to believe you? EXPLAIN.
Knowing what you know about EVIDENCE, what do you think is meant by the term
Why is it IMPORTANT to cite (show)
in your writing and discussions about texts you read?
What kind of EVIDENCE are used in STRONG statements/answers?
What are WEAK examples of TEXTUAL EVIDENCE?
STRONG Statements of Evidence
How does John Green convey a ROMANTIC tone in The Fault in Our Stars?
"The guy was still staring at me. I felt rather blushy."

"After I finished...there was quite a long period of silence as I watched a smile spread across Augustus's face. 'Goddamn,' Augustus said quietly. 'Arent you something else?'"

"'Why are you looking at me like that?' Augustus half smiled. 'Because you're beautiful.'"
WEAK Statements of Evidence
How does John Green convey a ROMANTIC tone in The Fault in Our Stars?
Because I think the book is romantic.

The novel has a lot of romantic things happening in it.

The writer uses the word love a lot and shows Hazel and Augustus together all the time.

Augustus is always saying romantic things to Hazel.
Using a PENCIL, mark up and find details in the TEXT that SUPPORT the FOLLOWING SHORT ANSWER RESPONSE question:
How does John Green convey a HUMOROUS tone in The Fault in Our Stars?
How do we CITE?
When you use the EXACT words of a writer, you
are using a QUOTATION. This requires using

If you are answering a SHORT ANSWER RESPONSE (SAR) question, you must EMBED your evidence in your ANSWER. You should NOT put a quotation in your answer that stands ALONE. You must use a SENTENCE STARTER. Some examples of SENTENCE STARTERS are:
The author describes...
For instance...
According to the text...
Readers can tell...
In the text...

Let's Put it All Together!
How does John Green convey a HUMOROUS tone in The Fault in Our Stars?
What is a SHORT ANSWER RESPONSE (SAR) question?
An SAR is a question that cannot be answered with ONE word or with ONE sentence. It usually requires at least 3 SENTENCES to answer it. PLUS it MUST contain STRONG TEXTUAL EVIDENCE to support the answer.

SARs are on the STAAR exam. Failing the SARs on your exam will ULTIMATELY result in you failing the ENTIRE exam.
Answering the SAR
Figurative Language
Before you READ your chapter, make sure and fill out your vocabulary chart.

Independent Read
While You Read Questions #3
EXIT TICKET: Mood and Tone
The SAR...again!
Remember the Steps...
1. Restate the QUESTION in a SENTENCE
and fill in your answer.

2. Cite at least two pieces of TEXTUAL
EVIDENCE to support your answer.

3. Elaborate/Explain your answer FULLY.
At the beginning of the novel, Hazel views life as...

According to the text, "".

The text also states,

Chapter 4 pp. 48 - 63
Using CONTEXT CLUES, come up with a working defintion for the following words:
1. narrates
2 commitment
3. legacy
4. narcisstic
5. eccentric
6. regimen
7. perpetuity
8. gouge
9. coy
1o. dominated
11. gargantuan
12. tenuous
13. catastrophic
14. sage
15. bereft
16. remnants
Independent Read
WYR Questions #4
Textual Evidence Practice
When answering a SHORT ANSWER RESPONSE (SAR) question, it's important to
use the STRONGEST TEXTUAL EVIDENCE to support your answer.
SAR Practice #2
Directions: Using the proper SAR format, answer the question below. REMEMBER… You MUST provide evidence from the SELECTION to support your answer.
Check for Understanding
SAR Practice #2 - SAMPLE
SAR Question Resources
Taking the SAR to the Next Level
Answer the SAR Practice #2 using the proper format. The STEPS are:
TOPIC SENTENCE (at least ONE sentence)
Restate the QUESTION adding in your answer! This means you will use the WORDING of the QUESTION.
CONCRETE DETAILS (at least TWO sentences)
Cite evidence from the selection to support your answer. Be sure to BLEND/EMBED your text/quotation. ALWAYS use QUOTATION MARKS.
(at least TWO sentences)
Explain/Elaborate/Expand on your answer and textual evidence.
Add a LIFE LESSON/GENERALIZATION to your answer. (Overall)
Independent Read
WYR Questions #5 PART I
Independent Read
WYR Questions #5 PART II
Literary Reflective Journal Writing
LRW - Leaving a Mark
It was important to Augustus that his actions/existence would leave a mark on this world. How does he do that? How do you do that? How will you continue to do that in the future? ANSWER in COMPLETE SENTENCES (5 sentences minimum; vary your sentence structure)
How has The Fault in Our Stars changed your perspective on Cancer and/or those living with it? EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER FULLY IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. (3-5 sentences; vary your sentence structure)
LRW - Perspective
LRW - Hazel & Augustus
How would you describe the two main characters, Hazel and Gus? Do either of them conform, in behavior or thinking, to what we normally associate with young cancer patients? How do the two differ from one another...and how do their personality traits and interests complement each other?
Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 5 Summary
Using CONTEXT CLUES, come up with a working defintion for the following words:

Literary Reflection Journal
WhatDo You Think?
Isaac might seem like kind of a third wheel when he hangs out with Hazel and Gus, which makes us wonder, why is he a character in this book? The reason is he makes us the reader ask a lot of important questions.

In your writing, answer the following questions in

Should the love between a couple be unconditional no matter what--no matter the circumstances? Is Monica a bad person or is she just scared? Is it okay to get angry at the world when bad stuff happens to you? Why do bad things happen to good people?
Quiz #1 - Chapters 1 - 5
Quiz #2 - Chapters 6 - 11
Some More SAR Practice
Answers for WYR Ch. 5 PART II
Independent Read
WYR Questions #6
SAR Practice #4
Directions: Using the CHUNK METHOD, answer the following SAR. Remember... YOU MUST USE at least TWO pieces of TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.
Chapter 8, 9 & 10
pp. 114 - 154

Independent Read
WYR Questions #7
Independent Read
WYR Questions #8
Directions: Answer the questions below using pp. 129-135.

1. What did Hazel do the day before they left for Amsterdam?
2. Who passed away?
3. Who relapsed?
4. Where does Isaac live?
5. What did Isaac’s brother direct Sgt. Mayhem to do?
6. What is Augustus/Gus a bit too enamored with?
7. According to Isaac, what doesn’t Hazel want Augustus to do to her?
8. However, what doesn’t Hazel want to do to Augustus?
9. What did Isaac do to Monica that wasn’t nice?

Independent Read
WYR Questions #9
SAR Practice #5
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