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Copy of The Walt Disney Company

No description

mahmoud ibrahim

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company
Business Information Systems
The Walt Disney Company
Company Profile
Nature of Industry
The Walt Disney Company is a Media company
Type of Products Produced
The type of products or services produced would be media networks, Parks and Resorts, The Walt Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive
Targeted Age Group
The targeted age group would be for people of all ages, although it can lean more towards the kids and teenagers genre.
Business Information System
Systems, Applications and Product Database ("SAP")
SAP increases for financial and human resources management purposes.
Financial planning analysis
SAP increases organisational agility, control costs, improve margins and align execution with strategy.
Enterprise risk and compliance management
manage enterprise risk and compliance for optimal financial performance of fraud and audit processes.
Core Human resource and payroll
Provide a single system of record for global and localised HR and payroll processes.
Time and attendance management
improve resource utilisation by assigning to the right place at the right time.
Business Information System
Accounts Receivables Management Database ("Get Paid")
This is for the process workflow for invoices and customer management.
Connectivity via portals will allow real-time interaction with sales, service and customers to reduce time spent chasing payments or correcting disputes.
AvantGard GETPAID, organizations can aggregate data across multiple systems for a single view of collections risk. Then embedded workflow and automation, the solution will build work queues and send notifications for accelerated collections.
Business System Information
Global Learning Management System ("Disney Development Connection")
This is for the administration of employee training and retention of employee training records.
Global learning systems' customizable Security and Compliance Training Course Library has interactive and engaging awareness training courses that will help employees pass their audit and prevent breaches, giving employees a security minded culture throughout the year.
Business Information System
Customer Data Environment ("CDE")
"CDE" processes consumer data, including personally identifiable data collected in the European Union, for marketing purposes.
Cardholder data is transferred, processed, or stored, and any networks or devices directly connected to that environment.
Business Information System
Enterprise Application Processing HR Data ("Continuity Logic")
This is used for the purpose of assessing risk, compliance and continuity for business continuity management.
Risk manager benefits
Encourage proactive management and awareness of the need to identify and treat risk throughout the entire enterprise
Improve the identification of opportunities and threats
Better compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and international norms (mandatory and voluntary reporting)
Improve governance holder confidence and trust
Business Continuity management
Create continuous BIA with automated notification
Benefits that the Business Information System brought to The Disney Company
Problems that arose before using of ERP
Because Disney Studios did not have an ERP system before, there was a lot less efficiency in its business operations.
There was no consolidating the management of its global merchandising operations into a single ERP system
They were in need of a new data warehouse
Benefits that the Business Information System brought to The Disney Company
Problems faced while setting up the ERP system
Disney had faced some challenges during the implementation of the SAP.
One main problem was that the data was not converted properly.
another main problem was that Disney had entered the ERP implementation with a sense of over-confidence
Benefits that the Business Information System brought to The Disney Company
Solutions to the problems faced by Disney
The solutions to the first problem was to work with end users in each department before the upgrade.
The second solution to the second problem was to understand differences between an enterprise-wide implementation versus a business unit implementation.
Benefits that the Business Information System brought to The Disney Company
Factors of success
Disney had employed several adaptation strategies to make their SAP implementation succcessful:
Local executive ownership and sign-off
involved employees from each site in the upgrade and testing process to facilitate buy-in
required site executive to provide weekly updates to senior corporate executives until they go live.
engaged top management support
conducted extensive planning and validation
adapted training materials to be site specific.
Benefits that the Business Information System brought to The Disney Company
Benefits of ERP
Since implementing the centralised ERP, data warehouse and analytics system, the company has been able to improve its inventory management, analyze its sales numbers more easily and forecast product demand in specified regions.
The project has allowed it to generate actionable intelligence from the analysis of its business processes.
Company Profile
Company background
October 16 1923
Start of the Disney Company, first known as the Disney Brothers Studio.

After successfully releasing the first cartoon, Oswald the lucky rabbit cartoon, Trolley Troubles, Disney has continued to scale to greater heights with the productions of many well-liked and popular cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Peterpan.

Company Profile
Company Background
From the black and white cartoon Disney started out with, not only has the company started to produce colored cartoons in the 1930s, the company has also expanded to various aspects today, forming:
The Walt Disney Music Company
Disney Channel
Disneyland (Disney themepark)
Walt Disney World Resort
Walt Disney World Village
and acquiring various company such as Fox Channel, Pixar Animation Studios and Baby Einstein.
Benefits the ERP System had brought to The Walt Disney Company
Simple illustrations of the benefits
However, with the implementation of the ERP System, the company is able to organise it's information, and also improve its inventory management
Before the use of an ERP System, there was alot less efficiency, and there was no organisation.
during the implementation of the ERP system, there was alot of data that was not converted properly, leading to the loss of data.
Some of the strategies that The Walt Disney Company implemented was to engage top management support.
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