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Syllabus & Materials design

ITI Training 15th November 2013

andrew bosson

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Syllabus & Materials design

Syllabus & materials design
"localised...what actually happens at classroom level as teachers and learners apply a given curriculum to their own situation - Candlin' view
Who can improve a syllabus? How? When?
Who chooses the resources & materials?
Planning, delivering & reviewing material use
Who can create the materials?
What are the intended aims and outcomes of the course?
learner needs
What do learners need to do or learn to achieve their goal?
institutional and statutary need
Assessment / evaluation - form and standards
Suffient / appropriate information for the user
Curriculum Influences
Aims / objectives
Recomended / neccessary materials & resources
A list of content / process
surrender value of language
Are there ever materials that must / musn't be used?
Operationalising a syllabus
Exit level for progression
the users
a framework of knowledge and skills
continuity for users
a retrospective account of what has been achieved
accountability to colleagues, learners, institiutions & society
a tool to

evaluate / assess appropriateness of purpose
It provides:
Planning, implementation, evaluation, management and administration of education programs - Nunan's view
General statements about language learnning, learning purpose, experence, evaluation, the role & relationships of teachers and learners - Candlin's view
Narrower focus on the selection and grading of content- Nunan's view
the opportunity to place learning in an 'ecological' context
What are the influences on syllabus design?
What is the purpose of a syllabus?
Approaches to syllabus content?
what does / can a syllabus consisit of?
Theory -
views of learning
Time schedule
available resources
An order
Who are the users of a syllabus?
Complexity of language / skills ability
Do you need to rewrite / reword the syllabus / present the information in a diferent format?
Potential Syllabus tools
We now have a nice new / revised & contextually relevant syllabus - So What?
How do you assess the usefulness of your materials?
Current trends on syllabus design in foreign language instruction Massoud Rahimpour
Notional - functional
negotiated / process
Analytic Syllabus
Synthetic Syllabus
Activites to meet the Syllabus aims & objectives
The materials & resources to meet the syllabus aims & objectives
To create a schedule for the learning activites, resources & materials
we need:
What makes materials appropriate?
Who can provide the content & context for materials?
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