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The Giver Biblical Allusions

No description

Stephanie Martin

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of The Giver Biblical Allusions

The Giver

Authors choose the names of their protagonists carefully. Jonas is a form of the name Jonah. What's Jonah's story?
Why would Lois Lowry name her protagonist after a famous prophet?
What does the apple symbolize? What is the story of the Garden of Eden?
A Christ figure in literature is a character that sacrifices for others just to be good. Who is a Christ figure in the book?
The angel Gabriel is God's messenger sent to earth in the Bible. Why did Lowry name the newchild after him?
An allusion is a reference to another work of art such as a painting, book, movie, etc.
The Bible was the first book published using the printing press. The language and stories of the Bible continue to influence English language literature today.
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