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carl klier

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Yemen

Yemen The flag of Yemen. Breakfast Food eaten in Yemen Sweet, strong tea with bread made from sorghum, wheat, or barley is eaten as an early breakfast in Yemen. During the day More tea or a brew of coffee husks are drinken. A spicy green stew called salta that contains lamb or chicken and beans is a popular meal for lunch. Dinner This is a light meal sometimes consisting of and egg or cheese. cheese Official language of Yemen Arabic Religion of Yemen Islam The two islamic groups in Yemen are Sunni and Shi'a.
Government Yemen is a Presidential Republic with a bicameral legislature. The Prime Minister, Ali Muhammad Mujawar, is the head of Government. The President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, is the head of state. Clothing Clothing is determined by religion and weather. Most women wear a veil and Balto,a cloak used to cover their head and face. Clothing identifies where a man comes from and his position in sosiety. Most men wear a futa which is a wrap-a-round skirt and a turban. Interesting Facts
Most men in Yemen carry a dagger which is used to identify the status of the man.
Yemen uses the metric system.
The literacy rate for women is 30% but 70% for men.
Another attraction in Ta'izz is the garden in the Indomitable Castle. The city of Sana'a Sana'a is the capital of Yemen. It is one of the oldest inhabited places and one of the highest capital cities in the world at 2,300 meters above sea level. Sana'a is Yemen's largest city. Tourist Attractions in Yemen The city has many old and beautiful places including houses that are built with brown bricks and mosques that are white. The city of Tai'zz Tai'zz used to be the capital of Yemen. Wadi Dhar Baraqish, an acient city in Yemen The parts of old temples are what make this an amazing place. The ancient city of Marib In Marib, you will find the great dam of Marib. Marib was once the capital of the Kingdom of Saba'a where the Queen of Sheba lived.
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