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Superheroes, Villains, Sidekicks and the Brain

AP Psychology Project

Bailee Cummings

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Superheroes, Villains, Sidekicks and the Brain

Superheroes, Villains, Sidekicks and the Brain
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Captain Dulla
is the base of the brainstem, and it controls heartbeat and breathing.
Lefty-efty and Righty-ighty
Bailee Cummings, Apryl Hubbard, Destinee Turner
Captain Dulla was five years old when he was playing in the rain and slipped and hit the back of his head on a sharp rock, damaging his medulla. He therefore has a really fast heart and breaths in 3x more oxygen than a regular person. He uses his superpowers on dying people by performing CPR on them.
Petty Ponder
is above the medulla: it helps coordinate movement.
Petty Ponder is Captain Dulla's sidekick. He is like a nurse for Captain Dulla. He is always needed to help Captain Dulla save lives.
coordinates voluntary movements, posture, and balance in humans.
When Creeper was 10 years old, his parents died. He was adopted by a mad scientist who gave him to power to read and control minds. He uses his powers to "creep" on others for his father.
acts as a sensory switch board: it receives information from all senses except smell.
Titium has super senses especially eyesight because the only thing he ever ate when he was a kid were carrots. He can hear over 6.000 miles away. And even though, he can't smell anything, he can smell stuff just by tasting it.
Heavy, The Beast
Heavy, The Beast is like a king. It runs in his family. You can go to him if your body is out of control. He will anoint you with his scepter and you will be all better.
is the main control center for the autonomic nervous system. It regulates body temperature, sleep cycles, appetite, etc.
is the part of the brain that is involved in memory forming, organizing, and storing.
Hipper was involved in an explosion when she was 8 that damaged her brain, putting no limit to her memory. If you need help on a test or just remembering something, just call out "Hipper" and she will come!
Captain Amy
are two lima bean-sized neural clusters in the limbic system; they are linked to emotion and fear.
Captain Amy actually has 10 lima bean-sized neural clusters as her amygdala. She is a villain. She uses her amygdala to make people fearful and aggressive.
Captain I-See-You
occipital lobe
is the area that receives information from visual fields.
One day Captain I-See-You was walking with his sister and they came across someone robbing an old lady. Captain I-See-You used his occipital lobe located at the back of his head to eye-lazer the robber. He has had this super power ever since.
Super Women Tem
temporal lobe
processes auditory information.
Super Women Tem is Captain I-See-You's twin. One day as Super Women Tem was walking, she heard a loud crying. It turned out to be a girl who had dropped her ice cream. She bought the girl some new ice cream. Ever since, her temporal lobe has been greatly heightened. It must just be in the twins' genes.
parietal lobe
processes touch information.
Captain Freeze
When Captain Freeze was little, everybody bullied him. He therefore hated people when he grew up. He got depression medicine but the side effect was a greater parietal lobe. So whenever Captain Freeze even slightly touched something it freezed. Captain Freeze used his power negatively.
super Wonder
frontal lobe
is involved in planning, thinking, emotional control, and muscle movement.
When Super Wonder was a teenager, she had anger problems. She started taking medicine to control her emotions. It made her more controlling, all the way to where she could control people. She can control body movement, emotions, and everything a person thinks. She is the perfect villain.
Mr. MoCo
primary motor cortex
stimulates parts of the region in the left or right hemisphere of the brain which control movement.
Mr. MoCo is a scientist who invented a way to control everyone's movements. He simply has a wire attached to him and whenever he moves his arm or something, everyone in a 1,000 mile range does too.
Mr. SoCo
primary somatosensory cortex
is the region of the cerebral cortex receiving the somatic sensory data from the ventrobasal nucleus of the thalamus.

Mr. SoCo is Mr. MoCo's sidekick. He does all of the computer work for Mr. MoCo and helps him with his evil plans.
left hemisphere
controls the right side of the body.
right hemisphere
controls the left side of the body.
Lefty-efty and Righty-ighty were paralyzed at birth. However, they can control each other's body movements. They can also control other paralyzed people. They use their power for good and help those people.
Broca's area
is a region of the brain concerned with the production of speech.
Bro was terrified of speaking as a child. He eventually overcame this by getting a new Broca's area. With this new Broca's area, Bro can help everyone not be nervous when they make a speech.
Wernicke's Area
produces language before you say it.
Wendy used to say things she shouldn't have all the time. But when Wendy was in a car accident and her brain was damaged, her Wernicke's area was replaced with one that had superpowers. She controls your words. So when you are fixing to say something you shouldn't and you suddenly don't, thank Wendy.
4th Period
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