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Egyptian and Kush Timeline

No description

Carrick Cullen

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Egyptian and Kush Timeline

Egyptians develop hieroglyphics
3000 BC
2600 BC
Old kingdom period begins.
2540 BC
The Great Pyramid was built.
1550 BC
New kingdom period begins.
850 BC
Nubians formed the kingdom of Kush.
750 BC
Kushites have conquered Egypt.
Egyptian and Kush Timeline
hieroglyphics are a writing system made up of
a combo of pictures and sounds.
3100 BC
Narmer unites Egypt
Narmer was the king of upper Egypt,
he conquered lower Egypt and married
one of lower Egypts princesses, uniting
the kingdoms.
The old kingdom lasted until 2200 BC.
During these years the Egyptians built magnificent
cities and increased trade.
This pyramid was built for the great egyptian pharaoh, King Khufu.
The New kingdom lasted through 1550 BC
to 1070 BC.
During this time, Egypt prospered through
trade, gained more lands through conquest,
and reached the height of its power.
By Zach Micklos and Carrick Cullen
Kush was located south of Egypt on the Nile river
in present day Sudan.
Unlike the Egyptians, the nubians did not rely
on the Nile floods to create soddened soil.
A kushite king named Kashta invaded Egypt.
Kush mainly conquered Egypt because they were better supplied with iron and other resources.
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