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Constitution of islamic republic of pakistan

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Hamza Iftikhar

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Constitution of islamic republic of pakistan

What is constitution ?
A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.
Introduction to constitution 1973
The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan also known as the 1973 constitution is the supreme law of the state of Pakistan drafted by the government of Mr. Z.A Bhutto with assistance from country's opposition parties.
Salient features of consitution 1973
Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973
Formation of constitution 1973
After the General Elections of 1971, Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman got majority of votes but goverment was not handed over to him. Due to which undemocratic movement started in which East Pakistan got seperated from West Pakistan. In the remaining part of Pakistan the government was handed to Mr. Z.A Bhutto. He enforced a new constitution within one year.
When the constitution enforced ?
A bill to provide a constitution was introduced by the committee in the Assembly on February 2,1973. The Assembly passed the bill on 10th April, 1973 and atlast constitution came into forced on 14th August, 1973.
Bhutto speaking to a guest at a state of dinner after the National Assembly passed the bill.
direct mode of elections
bicameral legislature
free and fair judiciary
rights of minorities
formation of islamic ideological council
in the end
"The people made the constitution,and the people can unmake it.
It is the creature of their will and lives only by their will."

John Marshall
islamic provision of 1973 constitution
constitution defining the rights of people
"The constitution guarantees us our rights to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. That's all. It does not guarantee out rights of charity

Jerse Venturan
Why we need a constitution ?
"We need a constitution, we need rules, but we don't need a Wall."

First Amendment (1974)
Articles amended: 1, 8, 17, 61, 101, 127, 193, 199, 200,
209, 212, 259, 260, 272, and amendment of First Schedule
Articles amended: 106 and 260
A new clause was added after clause (2) in Article 260.
Articles amended: 10 and 232
– clauses (4), (5) and (7) of Article 10
amended. – paragraph (b) of clause (7) in Article 232
Articles amended: 8, 17, 19, 51, 54, 106, 199, 271, 272, 273,
First schedule and Fourth Schedule
Articles amended: 101, 160, 175, 179, 180, 187, 192, 195, 196,
199, 200, 204, 206, 212, 260, 280 and First Schedule.
Articles Amended: 179, 195, 246, 260
Articles amended: 101, 245
Articles amended: 48, 51, 56, 58, 59, 60, 75, 91, 101,
105, 106, 112, 116, 130, 144, 152 A, 270 A and
addition of new Schedule, the Sixth Schedule.
Articles amended: 2, 203B ,203aD
Articles amended: 54 and 61
Article amended: 51
New Article inserted: 212 B
Provisions amended: Fifth Schedule.
Article amended: 58, 101, 112, 243
New Article inserted: 63A
New Article Inserted: 2B
New Article Inserted: 27
New Article Inserted: 41, 58, 112, 152A, 179,
195, 243, 268 and 270A
In Eighteenth Amendment, most of the articles are amended
and new articles are inserted.
Articles amended: 81, 175, 175-A, 180, 213, 246
Articles amended: 48, 214, 215, 216, 218, 219, 224,
and article 224-A is inserted
Articles amended: 175 and first schedule
Second Amendment (1974)
Third Amendment (1975)
Fourth Amendment (1975)
Fifth Amendment (1976)
Sixth Amendment (1976)
Seven Amendment (1977)
Eight Amendment (1985)
Ninth Amendment (1985)
Tenth Amendment (1987)
Eleventh Amendment (1991)
Twelfth Amendment (1991)
Thirteenth Amendment
Fourteenth Amendment
Fifteenth Amendment
Sixteenth Amendment
Seventeenth Amendment
Eighteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment
Twentieth Amendment
Twenty-First Amendment
According to Quaid-e-Azam:

"It is my belief that our salution lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law given by the prophet of Islam. Our Almighty Allah taught us that the decisions in the affairs shall be guided by discussing and consultation."
BHUTTO Act in 1973 constitution
Bhutto said,

"I am trying to trace the roots of the problems, the genisis of the challenges, the cause of the struggle,"
muslim head of state
provincial autonomy
islamic name of
1973 is an islamic constitution in which sovereignity over entire universe belongs to Almighty ALLAH.
Federal parlimentary form of government has been introduced in 1973 constitution.
Objective resolution act as a premable and foundation of 1973 constitution.
Islamic name "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" has been declared in 1973 constitution.
Urdu the common language declared as a national language of Pakistan.
First time in the history of Pakistan, Direct mode of elections has been introduced.
"One man One vote"
The parliment consisting of two houses has been established.
Free and fair judiciary has been ensured by the state.
It is given in the constitution that only muslim would be appointed as a head of state i.e president or prime minister.
The rights and the interest of the minorities shall be protected and safeguarded as all citizens of Pakistan are equals citizens of state.
Complete provincial autonomy has been granted to all four provinces of Pakistan for complete unity.
An islamic ideological council had been established to teach the government about the teachings of Islam.
The 1973 constitution enlisted the main principles of State Policy. Maximum efforts were made to improve the character of this constitution. Like other constitutions, 1973 constitution also provide principles for the protection, propagation and enforcement of Islamic Ideology.
Presented by :
Hamza Iftikhar (13)
Ali Shahid (29)
Bilal Rauf (17)
Amna Sahar (07)
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