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Team Building with StrengthsFinder

No description

Neisy Ellis

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Team Building with StrengthsFinder

Team Building with StrengthsFinder
Part 2
Understand your strengths
Part 3
Let's revisit solution maker!

As a group, select 3-5 problems we can work together on.
Which strengths are best suited to work on those problems?
What teams can we form?

increase self-awareness
understand each team members’ greatest areas of potential
gain an understanding of the commonalities and differences in strengths and work styles of other team members
Part 1
Solution Maker
On the paper provided, describe a problem you are having at work.

When prompted, pass your sheet to the right. That person has 30 seconds to brainstorm solutions or whatever comes to mind.

Then, the paper is passed again until everyone gets a crack at each problem!

What did you find interesting?

What was difficult?
Most valuable response?
Workshop Goals
How can we communicate with one another based on our personality strengths and related motives?
How can we avoid "pressing buttons?"
How can we build a stronger team through enhanced communication? Can we align strengths with tasks?
Round Robin: Please explain your top strength with the group!
Cheat Sheet
In assigned groups, develop a do's and don'ts list based on your strengths:
"how to work with me"
"what motivates me"
"what demotivates me"
Be prepared to share with the group!
Group Assignments
Executing - Sue, Jessica, Pat, Mike
Strategic - Linda, Tracy, Reese
Influencing - Beverly, Christina, Bill
Relationship - Anne, LaDonna, Neisy
That's a wrap!
The End!
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